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Pre-wedding photography is a growing trend where engaged couples decide to take professional photos at a special place before their wedding day

Pre-wedding photo shoe is a session that you book with your photographer a few months before the wedding. Many of our couples book a shoot with us to be comfortable in front of the camera, and they will often use their images to add an extra personal touch to their wedding.

    Spread over 240 acres of land, Lalbagh Botanical Garden is located in the center of Bangalore city. The Lalbagh Botanic Garden is located in Bangalore city center. It contains the largest collection of rare tropical plants of India, many ancient trees, here in the morning, you will have easy weather and less crowd for shooting. Definitely, this would be a great option if you are looking for fabulous outdoor photoshoot locations in Bangalore.

2. Nand Hills
Nandi Hills is one of the location of picture-perfect pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangalore. Nanda Hills is an ancient hill fort located in Chikkaballapur district. Don't miss this place if you are looking for a unique photoshoot with a different landscape on sun rise and sunset that adds glory to your photos, then this beautiful location gives you a variety of natural backgrounds for your shoot. is.

3  Nagarbhavi Zen Park
The Buddha Shanti Law, also known as Buddha Park, is a beautifully planned landscape park that follows the Zen Garden or Japanese Rock Garden theme. The stone carved lions, the beautiful and colorful Boganwilia and the scenes of the life of the stone carved Buddha, are many fascinating things that you can see in this offbeat park. During waking up early in the morning, you will have easier weather and less crowds for shooting. Park is one of the best and beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot

4  Kanakpura Lake
Lakes in Kanakapura that offer a majestic view to your pre wedding shoot. With the help of a drone camera where a wedding couple can sit in a boat and take some memorable pictures .. where you can enjoy the view of the lake without any disturbance.

5  Siddara betta
Sidara Betta is a popular tourist attraction in Tumkur district of Karnataka, submerged in rocky rock formations, temples and caves with a height of 1700 feet. Where a wedding couple can take picturesque photos, this beautiful venue gives you a variety of natural backgrounds for your shoot.

6 Kabban Park
Kabban Park is located in the center of the Central Administrative Region of Bangalore. This is the biggest blessing of Bangalore which is located in the city center. The beauty of this garden includes many well-maintained gardens and sculptures. Kabban Park is also one of the best and beautiful pre-wedding photoshoots.

7 In Ramnagar
There are some places like Savandurga Hills, Innovative Film City in Ramnagar where you can shoot your pre wedding photo session as you know about Innovative Film City where you can get a good carving for your photo shoot.

8 Elements Resort
A great option for pre-wedding photo shoots is Elements Resort. This place may be one of the best couple shoot locations! You will have the right background and it will be the right choice for a pre-wedding photo shoot. Located in Kanakapura Road, the beauty of Bangalore Elements Resort is synonymous with the description of paradise, with unique designs for weddings and photoshoots.

9  Bangalore Palace

An ideal location for Bangalore Palace stands majestic amongst all the crowds of the city, voted as one of the wonders of Bangalore and should be a must-visit place for a Royal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. This Maharaja's Palace is filled with a lot of architecture and sightseeing, including the famous ballroom, the Queen's Courtyard, the Durbar Hall, and corridors full of paintings, and the spiral staircase.

10 ITC Windsor Manor
It is a great place located in Bangalore. It is a classic touch and gives you a deep pleasure. It is a very amazing world and you will have a stunning pre-wedding photo shoot with your loved one. Choose attire that suits you and the place. Go with your partner and you will visit your partner again and again after seeing this place.