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It’s time. It’s time to head outside again and explore our vast and beautiful backyard. To taste freedom. To reconnect with nature, ourselves and our loved ones in places that we’ve never explored, or the ones we turn to that simply bring us bliss.

Travel within almost all of Queensland is unlimited, which includes overnight visitation, tour operations and everything you expect on holidays.
Trips to the Great Barrier Reef, hiking through ancient rainforests, enjoying a meal overlooking the ocean and exploring the outback are all Good to Go.
Good to Go means our operators are open and ready to welcome visitors with the required Covid-safe documentation in place. When exploring our website look out for listings with the Good to Go stamp, or you can simply filter your search to sort by Good to Go businesses.

So what are you waiting for? Our great state awaits, let’s start exploring.
Access to Queensland’s remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities — plus the Burke and Cook shires — is still restricted and tourists are not currently able to enter.

For further information, visit the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships.

We’re Good to Go – so where to go?
Snorkeling at Great Keppel Island | day trips from Rockhampton
Let’s start with what moves you – have you been dreaming of beaches, islands, the Great Barrier Reef, outback, cities or experiencing the best of nature and wildlife? From top experiences to articles and accommodation options, you can find everything on these pages to kick-start your ideal escape.

Maybe you’re after a particular region, like a tropical escape to Cairns, or meeting the whales as they swim through the waters of the Whale Heritage Site off the Fraser Coast. If you’ve been busy plotting points on a map, you can explore all 13 regions here. While we’ve been in isolation, plenty has changed, so head here for what’s new in Queensland. While you're there you can kick-start your holiday research with articles ranging from how to explore the Great Barrier Reef to where to have the perfect family vacation for the June/July school holidays.

The great Queensland road trip
Scenic coastal drive from Cairns to Cape Tribulation. It’s hard to beat the freedom that comes with a road trip. A handful of belongings, a general direction to travel and a head full of ideas.
From the Pacific Coast Way that covers most of our great state from the Gold Coast to Cairns, to the Matilda Way that cuts through the outback heart of Queensland, there are plenty of open roads to explore.

It’s been a while since we could venture far and wide, but our wait is over Queensland, you’re Good to Go.

Travel Queensland safely
For the foreseeable future, travel around Queensland will be different. While COVID Safe Industry Plans continue to apply, transport, accommodation, experiences and activity operators will be taking the necessary steps to provide a safe experience for every visitor.

Many bookable experiences may only fill up to a limited capacity to ensure social distancing rules are followed. During the school holidays especially, it’s important to plan and book your trip in advance.
Some activities may take longer than usual to accommodate these changes, so let’s keep in mind that we’re all in this together. To help prevent the spread, continue to practice physical distancing and frequent handwashing hygiene.

Remember - if a Queensland business is Good to Go, it means it has completed a COVID Safe program, including having COVID Safe documentation in place, the COVID Clean module completed, or a COVID Ready program completed.