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It’s vacation time and you know what that means…A time to just stretch your legs and travel! But imagination and reality can be quite different in hindsight. After all, most of our travel experiences turn out to be quite different than what we hope for. I’m sure everyone is familiar with those disappointing travel albums where photos with our heads cropped or with a blurry frame have become the norm.

Our travel memories are important. And I’m not talking about just social media posts. These memories stay with us for life and aren’t meant to just remain in our smartphones. To get a decent picture, we either end up using our phone, or a selfie stick or ask someone to click a photo for us. But that takes out the fun from travel and leaves us wanting more. If only we could hire a professional to capture our memories so that we may cherish them forever.

Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a travel photographer:

1. Be in the moment and enjoy your surroundings

How often do we miss out on a moment in hand just because we are glued onto our phones? The constant fear of missing out that one perfect shot steals away the purpose of travelling in the first place. Here come local photographers to your rescue. Just sit back, enjoy the beauty and leave the documentation of the trip to them.

2. Get those insights

Travel photographers are often locals, so they are not only aware of the best picturesque sights but they can also provide you the ins and outs and best kept secrets of the place. So, you not only get the chance to put down your phone and that annoying Google map, but also the opportunity to go on a spontaneous adventure.

3. Capture real stories

Isn’t life already so full of clichés? So why must our travels be the same? Standing and posing in front of beautiful sceneries is great but also too corny. The wind blowing your hair, the laughter, the clumsy moments…Now these are the memories worth capturing which we often forget. That one raw moment when you let your guard down and are just enjoying the reality of it all…And someone is there to capture you. It can’t get any better than that.

4. Professional tools and service

One key aspect of photography lies in editing. Instead of trying out mind-numbing filters for the umpteenth time, leave it to the professional to add those finishing touches. Although smartphone cameras are of very good quality nowadays, nothing beats the different lenses and light modifiers which enhance the beauty of a shot. So, leave it on to the photographer to deal with that aspect and enjoy getting clicked in beautiful settings.

5. It is definitely worth it.

Travel photography is actually worth it. You’re already spending money to ensure comfort, why not spend it to ensure the experience as well? There is a huge chance that you might end up framing some photo from the trip clicked by the photographer and proudly hang it on your wall.

Photographs are vehicles that which can take us down the memory lane. They deserve to be perfect and precious. Years from now, when you still find that one image of your trip lying on your bedside, it’ll take you back to that very moment and how it made you feel. After all, these nostalgic butterflies aren’t easy to come by.

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