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The Big Ben Of Kolkata
Photo by Subhadip Kanjilal / Unsplash

Stunning Architecture
As the capital of the East under British rule, Kolkata still has a distinct English mark on beautiful buildings and parks. Close to the Colonial District check out the Victoria Memorial.

Rain soaked streets of Kolkata
Photo by Alok Mazumdar / Unsplash

A Walker's Paradise
The city is perfect for a stroll along the river, crossing the Howrah Bridge and getting lost in the sprawling ground parks.

The wait in the traffic jam.
Photo by Ujjwal Jajoo / Unsplash

A Vibrant Arts Scene
Visitors can take advantage of locally produced plays in open squares or poetry recitations at barista coffee shops. Spend an afternoon at the Indian Museum.

Photo by SAUVIK BOSE / Unsplash

Delight Your Foodie Palette
A range of Indian, Chinese, Malay, Thai, and English food come together in Kolkata for a blend that is all their own. Hakka dishes include dishes such as "Chili Chicken" which are not to be missed. The details of all these dishes have been uploaded on our Food Guide to Kolkata blog.

Photo by ARUNAVA MONDAL / Unsplash

Bargain Hunters' Haven
No one makes a good deal on crafts, traditional Indian apparel, and trinkets like the coltcan. Shop for antiques or rare books. There are various other places which you can visit in Kolkata.