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It is no secret that Goa is a favorite beach destination in India. It has a serene lifestyle, hippie vibes, luxurious natural beaches, natural serenity, beach sports and awesome parties. It is a spectacular destination throughout the year, but visiting Goa during summer is a special experience. Here are some reasons to visit Goa this summer.

Pay cheap prices
Hotels and resorts in Goa reduce their prices during the summer, but the facilities are as good as other times of the year. Flights to Goa are more affordable. So, if you want a luxurious holiday on a luxurious budget, then go to Goa this summer.

Enjoy a romantic evening in solitude
Just you, your partner and the sun, sea and sand: romantic bliss! In summer, away from stinging eyes, it is easy to grope the table in the middle hut to enjoy a romantic evening with candle light! Alternatively, enjoy a quiet, serene sunset cruise along the Mandovi River.

Soak in the sun on the calm beaches
Make a beeline to one of the beautiful beaches of this tropical paradise, crowded crowds! Relax and soak vitamin D on a sun-kissed stretch of sand, or take a contemplative barefoot walk, the perfect therapy for your body, mind and soul. Just don't forget to pack your sunglasses and sunblock.

Relax on the beach
Get high on adrenaline
Water sports are definitely not to be missed on a trip to Goa: parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, banana boat rides, scuba diving, dolphin spotting, snorkeling ... get ready for an Adeline Rush!

Shop for bargains
With an almost non-existent crowd, sellers decrease the rates of goods to make a sale. Shopaholics can fill their bags with Goan specialties and souvenirs, without breaking into their pockets. Also, alcohol is cheap in this season. More reasons to party until the sun rises.

Flea Market Goa
Try delicious goan food
A trip to Goa is incomplete without trying the delicious local cuisine: Pork Vindaloo, Goan Fish Curry, Soropotel, Fish Richedo, Prawn Balchow, Babinka, and of course, the local wine, Goan Feni ... not hungry yet?

Traditional Goa Food summer Festival
Goa has festivities and celebrations throughout the year, but the summer months (March – May) are throbbing with high spirits and livelihoods. The best festivals at this time of year are the Shigmo (March), a street festival that portrays Goan life through folk performances, music, dances and parades; Easter (March or April); Grape Escaped (April), a wine festival; Goan Food and Music Festival (April), in which Goan celebrates joy and music; The Konkan Fruit Fest (April); India Bike Week (April); And Goa Heritage Festival (May).

Discover the hidden treasure - in peace
Due to the relative scarcity of tourists in Goa during summer, you will have the chance to peacefully explore some of the off-beaten-path treasures of the state. Enjoy the aroma of fresh spices in a spice plantation; Walking with elephants in the Jungle Book; Enjoy spectacular views and Portuguese history from the Sinquerim Fort; See a Greek performance at the Greek restaurant Thalassa; Explore architectural wonders at Rivona caves, Aravalam caves or Lamgau caves; Try backwater kayaking on the Zuari and Nerul rivers; Place wildlife in nature sanctuaries

Some pampering
Countless yoga exercises and unilateral lessons are conducted on the soft sands of Goa. If you want to join a section, then Patanam Beach in South Goa and Arambol Beach and Mandaram Beach in North Goa are ideal places. Goa also has several wellness centers. These provide all kinds of rest and relaxation, and often serve organic food to keep you humble and hearty. Some excellent options include Swan Yoga Retreat, Banyan Tree Yoga and Vedic Valley. A great return to Goa awaits this summer!

Visit fresh waterfalls and biodiversity hotspots
Trek along the picturesque trails of Mahavir Forest Sanctuary and see the grandeur of Dudhsagar Falls. Water springs in milky foam (hence their name - Dudh means milk). They really have a vision like no other!

Being close to the Western Ghats mountain range, Goa is home to rich and varied fauna and flora. Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, Mollen National Park, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Kotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary are some of the scenic spots.