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The purchase of a new camera was a turning point, where my love of capturing family moments became a real hobby. Photography has fulfilled my already busy life in a great way. Here are nine reasons why I think you should make photography your hobby too!

1. You can start from any level, at any age, with any camera

Taking photos is completely personal. You don't need a fancy camera or a creative background to take pictures and make corrections. I have seen amazing pictures taken with phone cameras. There are so many easy and fun things to know about composition, lighting, performance, and editing that can easily and quickly take someone's photos to the next level.

From a personal side, I never thought of myself as a creative type. I always love taking photographs, but it took me a long time to adopt it as a hobby because I believed I was not quite artistic. Photography has really helped me find and develop a side that I am not aware of.

photo of sister dropping water on brother by Susan Grimes

2. It’s a healthy challenge

There are endless ways to challenge yourself with photography; You can always learn something new. There is no shortage of new techniques, styles, projects, tools, inspiration and workshops to take in this field. I have spent more than two years getting photography information and I know that there is still a lot for me to learn and try.

I also see every picture as a challenge. It is like a puzzle that I solve. How do I use the time I have learned to capture this time more powerfully, which makes my audience feel taller and feel more?

pic of two kids jumping on the beach by Susan Grimes

3. It helps you notice your world and stay in the moment

Photography makes me very attentive and aware of the wonderful little things that surround me every day. I notice things like lighting, shadows, patterns, frames and colors that I can use in my paintings. More importantly, I look carefully at the connections, expressions, gestures, feelings, and especially the small worldly things I want to remember. It has also prepared me to enjoy things that I had never liked before.

picture o fkids running through a field at sunset by Susan Grimes

4. It motivates you to experience more

With photography as a hobby, I always want to get the family out to do something. Even if it is just taking a walk or installing a sprinkler in the backyard, I know that doing anything together will give me the opportunity to practice and capture great memories. Sometimes I feel a little guilty about my inspirations, but I know that our whole family has gained so much experience together because of my photography.

picture of girl walking on the beach with a striped towel by Susan Grimes

5. There are no restrictions

One of the things I love about being a hobbyist is that I have the freedom to create any picture I want without any limitations. Without the worry of happy customers, I can take the time to experiment with all kinds of techniques and learn in my own time.

pic of toddler sitting in the water by Susan Grimes

6. It documents your family’s life

Photography helps you capture anything that you think is important to remember. A photo is powerful enough to not only remind you of an event or description, but can also bring back feelings, sounds, and even the smell of the moment. With each photo, you are telling your family's unwritten stories and giving them gifts to keep and accompany.

There are so many amazing and creative ways to make those photos tangible for your family. I personally like our web based digital photo frame in our kitchen. This allowed me to easily load 10,000 photos that ran throughout the day. My kids would stop and watch something here and there and I like to follow the "remember when conversation".

photo of two kids reading a board book by Susan Grimes

7. It connects you with others

Everyone loves a good photo, so photography is an easy way to connect with people. I love being able to share our lives through my photos. This is another way to keep in touch with distant family and friends.

I also cannot say enough about how supportive and inspiring I have found photography communities like Clickin Moms and Instagram. I really enjoyed connecting with people around the world who are equally interested in learning to better capture their lives.

kid painting a box by Susan Grimes

8. Seeing your improvement will give you motivation

Photography is a hobby that you can improve quickly and see your progress easily. If you snap your photos next to each other from month to month, you will see those changes. In a year, those differences will be significant. Not only will you see how much better you are, seeing some of your favorites every month will give you that extra bit of motivation to keep away.

backlit photo of girl in a yellow sundress by Susan Grimes

9. It will bring you joy

Because of all the things listed above, photography can give you a lot of fun. In the midst of a busy day, there is something satisfying about slowing down and deliberately focusing on what is in front of you. I feel like I am filling my own gratitude journal with every click.

black and white picture of kid getting wet on a trampoline by Susan Grimes

I love knowing that, why do you think photography is a good hobby?

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