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Looking for the right location in Delhi for pre-wedding shoots? Well we have you covered. Continue reading!

1. Tomb Of Safdurjung

Similar to the Taj Mahal, the doorway at the entrance of the Safdarjung mausoleum is designed in a way that creates the perfect backdrop or picture frame for some romantic clicks. Consider this offbeat location for your pre-wedding shoot!

2. Lodhi Garden

We all know that Lodhi Garden is famous for pre-wedding shoot, baby shoot, proposal and virtually any kind of shoot. But, you often have people come here for pre-wedding shoots because it is super convenient and there is no entry fee involved.

3. Garden Of Five Senses

Never ignore the parks and parks of South Delhi as they have a lot of potential for photoshoots, especially if you are on a budget. Go here for a nice romantic date with your fiancé, and surprise them with a pre-wedding shoot.

4. Champa Gali

This lane full of cafes and restaurants is the perfect place for those late-night, fairy light pre-wedding shoots, where you can get some intimate pictures clicked with your partner.

5. Agrasen Ki Baoli

It is a step family built by King Ugrasen in the past for water conservation. The creativity and architecture of these 103 steps will take your breath away. This place is perfect for rustic paintings, but just beware of pigeons, as there are so many here.

6. The Perfect Location

This place in Faridabad is basically 'The Perfect Location' (Purpose of Punishment) for your pre-wedding photoshoot as it is a set where you can take all the amazing photos that you want against Perfect Backdrops . They also offer you props to make your photos more fun and bizarre!

7. The Roseate

Rosetta is perfect for all you fancy couples with a taste for sophistication, minimalism and classy aesthetics. Book an experience or an accommodation here and use the entire property to take amazing pictures. They have found such incredible nooks and corners that are ideal for natural couple shots!

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