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If you ask us, we’d say that the phrase ‘Heaven on Earth’ was coined by someone who visited Seychelles! There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the beauty of this island. Literally any and every direction you look in seems like something right out of a postcard! Located in East Africa, this Indian Ocean Island is TRULY a paradise on earth! Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands that is connected by spectacularly clear turquoise blue water! This humble island country will make you fall deeply in love with its lush jungles, powdery white sandy beaches dotted with granite boulders, thrilling hiking trails, glimmering turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs and pretty sunsets every evening!

Shot in Seychelles - Praslin
Photo by Tommaso Nervegna / Unsplash

Seychelles boasts of a warm climate all year round. Having said that, the months between March and June are definitely the best months to visit Seychelles as the weather is hot but waters are calm and ideal for sailing and water sports. The monsoons hit hard from November-January. You can expect a lot of rainfall if you visit the country during those months! Speaking of the budget, you can’t put a price on paradise, right? Well, Seychelles is sadly not a very budget friendly country to travel to. That said, the island does offer some good budget friendly hotels and AirBnb apartments. Apart from that, you can save some more by opting for all inclusive travel packages.

We were walking by the beach to check where, on the next day, our wedding would take place. This was exactly the spot of this photo. We were lucky to have such a beautiful sky at that time. This place will now be part of our story.
Photo by Stéphane Juban / Unsplash

Now that we’ve addressed the why and whens, get set to work on getting that great tan by lazing around on the beach, sipping your pina colada and when adventure calls out your name – dive into the azure waters to explore the underwater world or hike your way up on wild trails set in the lush jungles on the island! There’s something for everyone on this gem of an Island!

Here’s our guide for your travel in Seychelles –

1.      MAHE

As your plane descends towards Mahe Airport, you will be dazed by the spectacular view of a lush island, bordered with a pristine white coastline that becomes one with the azure blue waters of the surrounding Indian Ocean! Welcome to the beautiful island of Mahe, which is also the largest island of Seychelles. You can spend a couple of days in Mahe, lounging, swimming, snorkeling or diving in the immaculate beaches such as Beau Vallon, AnseSoliel, Petite Anse and Anse Royale! The next morning, rise up early and get set for a long and scenic hike. Depending on your level of fitness and desired level of challenge, you can chose from hiking on trails such as Morne Blanc trail, Anse Major hiking trail and Copolia trail, all of which will reward you with stunning panoramas of tiny islands, ringed by waters that seem to be a hundred different shades of blue! In the afternoon, spend your time exploring Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles. Walk by colorful houses, shop for local handicrafts and souvenirs from tiny shops on the street and indulge in some delicious local meals at restaurants overlooking the Indian Ocean.


With incredibly stunning beaches, emerald waters and lush jungles, is Praslin, the second largest island of Seychelles. A short ferry ride from Mahe will get you to the most beautiful island of Seychelles (we’ll say this a lot!) – Praslin! This island has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, so we’d recommend that you spend atleast a couple of days if not more in Praslinto soak in all the incredible beauty around you! Apart from lounging or indulging in water sports on all the stunning white sand beaches of Praslin, you could also take a stroll along the Fond Ferdinand or Valle de Mai nature trail where you can see the Coco de Mer plantations. Coco de Mer is a tree that produces the world’s largest seed and palm flower! This seed takes 7 years to grow while the tree takes 50 years to mature! Coco de Mer is indigenous to Seychelles and is definitely worth seeing. Apart from this, all your time on Praslinisland can be spent lazing around on beaches such as Cote d’Or, Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette and many more all around the island!


Cousin Islands is a short ferry ride from Praslin and hence it would make for a perfect day trip from Praslin. Cousin Island is a paradise for nature lovers with lush forests, mangroves and so many different types of birds! You’ll likely get to see Seychelles sunbirds, fairy terns, as well as giant tortoises and lizards. With a bit of luck, you might stumble across a turtle laying eggs which usually happens between November to April.


Another short ferry ride from Praslin will bring you to the tiny island of La Digue. The best way to explore the island is by hiring a bicycle. La Digue is so tiny that you can bike across the island in under 20 minutes. The island gorgeous in every way imaginable! It has some of the most dazzling and exquisite beaches, supremely laid-back atmosphere and breathtaking viewseverywhere you look! On the island you could either go by yourselves or opt for a guided tour that takes you to all the beaches, vanilla plantations and other tourist attractions. Do visit L’Union Estate – a plantation which houses a museum, old coconut mills and is a home to giant tortoises! While you’re here, visit the most photographed and beautiful Grand Anse&Anse Source d’Argent beach, both of which have sparkling blue waters and white powdery coastline dotted with Seychelles’ characteristic black rocks! In the evening do spend time strolling through the small shops in La Passe area and digging into some mouth- watering street food!


All bird lovers – this is where you need to be! Aride Islands is one of most important seabird habitats in the Indian Ocean, and there are more species here than on any other island in Seychelles! It is the best place where you can look at the birds so closely! While on the island, do schedule a nature hike, because the view from the top is absolutely spectacular and breathtaking!


Big Sister Island is a private island and is accessible only when the weather conditions are good and allow it! But if you do get the chance, take it and definitely visit the island which has a light pink colored, soft, powdery sandy shoreline that is lapped by turquoise waves from the ocean!

Spend your time relaxing on the paradise islands of Seychelles, lounging on its tranquil beaches, mingling with the locals, trying some mouth- watering street food and of course island hopping! There’s so much to explore on this island or choose to simply laze around, we won’t judge! But the one thing that you MUST do is take some amazing pictures of your incredible island vacation and we recommend that you leave that to the professional vacation photographers from Travographer. Our photographers are the best at what they do and are locals; hence they’ll know all there is to know about the best locations for an incredible photo shoot!So go on and hire one of our photographers to follow you around as you create beautiful memories on the beautiful island of Seychelles!