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The crumbling sound of new shopping bags, new tags, and the moment when you discover that one dress or trinket that you absolutely must own are some simple joys of shopping that draw a fine, glittering, line between those who shop for utility and the more amazing kind that are shopaholics.

So if you've crossed that line and come over, and are looking for a change from your own city.


In India, Jaipur is the place to shop for everything traditional and ethnic. Exuberant embroidery, mirror work, tie-dye, and so much color! The best items to buy are traditional items, clothing, and handicrafts, a bargain at a bazaar, and fantastic street food. You can even buy some traditional puppets. Jaipur has some of the best shopping in India.

While you are pampering yourself, you can also stock up on some beautiful, mostly hand-painted and natural color printed home decor products, from cushions and bedsheets to rajaais. Psst? Also great for wedding shopping in India!

New Market, Kolkata

Kolkata's famous New Market is a labyrinth of stalls that may require you to take a breather. It is the only organized street market in India with over 2500 stores and is known for its cheap and affordable prices. Shop for cotton saris, Bankura clay horses, brassware, leather bags, silk from Murshidabad, khadi, wigs, poultry, cheeses, nuts, and more. Don't worry if you get lost in the maze of shops here. You can hire a guide to help you find what you're looking for.

Kashmir, Srinagar

Kashmir's most popular items are the Pashmina Shawls, Silk Carpets, and saffron. Local shops often have bargains. Pashmina shawls should be purchased from an authorized retailer or an expert. Please do not forget to hoard paper mache boxes and handicrafts for your relatives and friends as well!


Visit this vibrant market if you are concerned about an upcoming Bridezilla situation. It has everything shimmery tucked away in its narrow lanes as it branches out from Charminar. Apart from Hyderabadi glass and stone studded bangles, this store also sells sarees, pearls, nirmal, and kalamkari, handwoven fabrics of silk, brocade, velvet, and gold embroidery. After spending a day here, you are ready for your wedding.


Delhi is the one place where you can find traditional, ethnic, and contemporary shopping as well as budget street shopping and designer labels. In terms of variety, this city is one of the best places to buy clothes in India. Don't miss Connaught Place and Janpath Market. Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar are great for street shopping and affordable clothing (sometimes even top brands) and jewelry. A bargain in local shops. Delhi Haat is a great place to buy handicrafts from around the country, and DLF Emporio and Citywalk are great places to buy designer labels.


True jewelry lovers would not want to leave this market until the last shutter closes. You can buy gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, Kundan and jewelry, silver ornaments, and even customized costume jewelry if you're on a tight budget in Jaipur's famous bazaars.


God's own country has nothing but natural beauty. Spices, coffee, and essential oils all have their distinct aroma. When it comes to jewelry, it's pure gold. The markets and malls in Kerala are charming. Enjoy freshly plucked tea and coffee leaves at the tea and coffee estates. You are truly in a paradise.


Station Square, also known as Master Canteen Canteen Chowk, is one of Orissa's most famous shopping markets. Here you can buy household items and groceries. It is very crowded here. Besides these individual shops, there are several shopping complexes in the area that cater to the needs of the residents. A variety of clothing brands are available at fixed prices.


You can buy handicrafts in Mysore's emporiums and Silk Saris at Devaraja Market. Devaraja Market offers a variety of labels and brands as well. Don't leave without buying some Mysore Pak!


It is synonymous with Chikan thread work, which you may find in most places in India, but the variety you will find here will spoil you for choice. Malls here may not be so fancy, but bazaars and markets live up to your expectations. For a taste of shopping in India, visit the markets in Lucknow!

Almost all these destinations offer a variety of eccentric and iconic bazaars where you can find anything you're looking for. Visit these shopping destinations in India to satisfy your inner shopaholic. They are colorful, crowded, and teeming with possibilities depending on your bargaining skills. Thank us later for your shopping spree.

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