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Are you fantasising about witnessing sublime beauty of nature, majestic culture, traditions? Then, Kerala must be on your top pick which is popular for travel destination amongst the tourists. The beauty, adventure, fun-filled activities fascinate the tourists from all across the country. Shopping in Kerala is super fun and exciting. Kerala has plethora of eccentric items which you can carry along with you which includes some intricate jewellery as well. No vacation is complete without a heartfelt retail therapy. And Kerala is no exception. The graceful dresses, works of art, aromatic spices, beverages, and oil – there are ample options to fill the bags with while shopping in Kerala. Here is a quick rundown on where & what to shop in Kerala. Have a look before you plan a holiday in Kerala.


Prepare your tongue with spices Various Spices That Are Popular Things To Buy While Shopping In Kerala image Source Nothing beats Kerala in its variety and quality of spices and huge spice gardens. Be it fresh pepper, cloves, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, or star anise, the richness and aroma of these spices is something to die for. Spices are one of the most important things to buy in Kerala. If you are shopping for spices in Kerala, visit the local shops around Kumily (near Thekkady) and Fort Kochi.

Banana Chips and Cashews

Enhance Taste and Flavor A plate full of banana chips is one of the popular things to buy in Kerala. image Source Locally known as Nanthra-Kaya Upper, banana chips are one of the most popular items to shop for in Kerala. Relaxing on the shores of the beach, gnawing on this finger-licking snack is definitely one of our favorite things to do on a Kerala trip. He has a huge fantasy not only in the south, but also in the north of India. In some stores, you get the privilege of seeing how they are actually prepared. Another best consumable product that you can buy from Kerala is cashew, which are available here in quality and price. You can visit cashew fields for experience or simply buy them from shops. Both are available in abundance at local stalls, especially in and around Fort Kochi. If you are planning to buy in bulk, do not forget to taste and negotiate.

Kasavu Mundu and Dress  

Dress as before Actor Kasavu poses for an advertisement of Mundu Dhoti image Source Kasavu Mundu is the traditional cloth of Kerala. It is a pure handmade cotton fabric with distinctive zari border. Although these are popular Malayali clothes, nowadays people usually wear them during ceremonies, temple visits and weddings. Prices may vary with the difference in handwork, material, and the location from where it is purchased.


Take away the famous Kerala monuments Interiors of a popular handicraft shop in Kerala image Source Coconut and coir products: Kerala, the land of coconut, is an ideal place to take coconut and coir products. These include carpet, carpet, mat, and some amazing cool souvenirs made of coconut husk. Kathakali Mask: One should not leave Kerala without buying a Kathakali souvenir. Be it a facade hanging on the wall or a fridge magnet, it is one of the most attractive shopping attractions in Kerala. Nettur Casket and Chundan Vallam and Uru Model: Some of the most attractive wooden chests in the world are made in Kerala. Kerala is popular globally for snake boat races and you must take Chandan Vallam or Urus (model boats) to gift someone or decorate your home.

Nettipatam: A well decorated elephant can be seen during celebrations, ceremonies and marriages. Netipattam, a decorative ornament used for elephants, can also be used as wall hangings or decorations. Nilavilakku: Nilavilakku or traditional Malayali oil lamp is another important handicraft of Kerala. It is considered one of the important items for traditional home decoration. Where to find coconut and coir products:

Aroma Oils

Heal Your Body and Senses Various organic essential oils that can be purchased while shopping in Kerala image Source Kerala is a place that boasts of best practices in Ayurveda science. Healing spa treatments, beauty treatments and rejuvenation massages are popular in Kerala. Almost every resort has different spa centers. A wide range of essential aromatic oils for various therapeutic treatments is available at the best competitive rates in Kerala. These aromatic oils have a soothing effect on the body and brain. You can also give some gifts to your friends.

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