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Shopping is one of the top activities of visitors in Kuala Lumpur. This vibrant city offers a variety of shopping options, from modern malls and specialty shops to vibrant street markets. Among them, it is cheap shopping spaces that attract crowds. Cheap does not mean that the experience is less enjoyable. Malls like Barzaya Times Square and Sunegi Wang Plaza incorporate excellent recreational facilities to enhance the shopping experience. The Central Market dazzles people with a sense of art. And Taman Connaught Night Market celebrates street shopping in Malaysian style. Other wallet-friendly malls and markets in Kuala Lumpur have more surprises for you. Use our list to find them.

1. Central Market

A market with a comfortable shopping environment: If you ever want air conditioning to be included in the markets of tropical countries, your wish is fulfilled in the Kuala Lumpur Central Market. For good measure, stalls have been set up in various areas to celebrate the country's multinational culture: Malay stalls in Lorong Melayu, Chinese stalls in Straits Chinese and Indian stalls in Lorong India. This helps in getting a glimpse of each business culture and making the desired products easier. High quality handicrafts from A to Z: If you plan to bring Malaysian handicrafts home as souvenirs, then Central Market is your rightful place. Product diversity and pricing is not a problem. Batik Prints, Songket Fabric, BeadWorks, Woodcroft, Metal Crafts, Terranang Jar and Labu Song Clay Jar are among the handmade creations worth it.

2. FLEA Market at AMCORP Mall

A place for many types of pre-loved items: Most of the items sold at the Amcorp Mall flea market are second-hand items. There are also pre-owned but unused items on sale. Items that can be found include clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, records, CDs, movie posters, comics, books, antiques, artefacts, retro sculptures, coins, stamps and many more. Treasures are found at low prices: We can never guess what kind of treasures can be seen on our journey. Good surprises can pop at any of its 300 tables. Old Beatles records, old coins, old cameras and rare-to-date antiques are just a few examples. So, go ahead and try your luck!

3. Sungai Vung Plaza

Fashion for the young and young at heart: Ladies come to the mall to fall in love with a wide range of young, fashionable clothes and accessories. Its products are more for women, especially those in teens or twenties. If it is you or someone traveling with you, then go to the trendy zone on level 6 to find your love at reasonable prices. The mall has many good hair salons and beauty services to make women shine more. After a haircut, a wash, and a head massage, a popular hair salon can cost you around $ 13. More importantly, the quality of service and cutting is good. Check out a salon with prices listed on the boards or visit the local recommended John Siew Hair & Beauty, Vennav Hair Salon and Hair Zone Studio. Sungei Wang Plaza is also a reliable currency exchange center in Kuala Lumpur. Most of its money changers are located at the bottom of the lower floor, extending from the Orange Zone and the Blue Zone to the Green Zone on the left near the mall entrance. Offer rates for your currency before attaching a service.

4. Petting Stress Lively Chinatown

shopping street with a touch of culture: A walk along this road offers the opportunity to soak up the local atmosphere. Chinese business culture, red lanterns, and an exciting crowd give us a thrilling start. If you like shopping on the street, then you will have a fun time searching for something to buy there. Low-cost clothing, shoes, and accessories are the most popular products. But things worth buying should be souvenirs. Street Food Mecca: Shopping is just the beginning; The soul of the show is Chinese food. We cannot get enough of them in one trip because the options are abundant. Here are the best bites to choose from: Dim Rashi in Yuk Woo Hin, Hokken Mu and Cheing Fun on Kim Lian Ki, Roasted Duck on Sez Ngan Chee, Soya Bean on Kim Boya Bean, Honeys Chicken Rice on Kama Ki, Won Noodles. Oatmeal in Koon Kee, and Hon Kee.

5. Kanega Wholesale City

A wholesale mall with 800 shops in the center of Kuala Lumpur: It is a large mall with fashion stores spread across 8 trading stores. Women should have clothes, accessories, shoes and handbags. Fashion fans should find out when it's a weekend in Kuala Lumpur - yes, Saturdays and Sundays when many stores welcome retail customers. A favorable shopping place for Muslim shopkeepers: There are more than 70 shops dedicated to the dress of Muslims. Most of them are located on levels 3A and 5, offering fashion accessories in both traditional and fashionable styles. Halal restaurants are available on the 5th floor to let you enjoy something delicious after shopping.

6. Low Yatch Plaza

Low Yacht Plaza is KL's largest IT mall with around 500 shops spread over 7 floors. Most of them are small stalls, only a few large-scale stores. This mall has everything from mobile phones and cameras to laptops and computers. Prices are negotiable, so you can negotiate hard and smart for good deals. Lifestyle features are included for a more comfortable shopping experience. People can hunt for a good buy on the latest technological items on the higher floors while women can live in a beauty salon on the upper ground floor. There are also karaoke, food courts, coffee shops and fashion boutiques to complete the experience.

7. Tamanna Scramble Night Market

2 kilometers of shopping: True to its image as the longest night market in Malaysia, Taman Connaught Night Market is 2 kilometers long, full of retail stalls and food shops. Take in the night market sights and sounds as you browse through the long line of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and souvenirs. Street Food Extravaganza: Apart from shopping, Taman Connaught Night Market is also famous for its wide range of food. From local delights to Taiwanese, Thai, Korean and Japanese cuisine. Try some bestsellers, including smelly tofu, okonomiyaki, cheesecake, barbecue and fresh oysters.