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Tourists visit Munnar to experience the ultimate peace and make themselves imaginative with the most stunning landscapes. Shopping in such a hill station in Munnar has its own charm and beauty. It can be a very pleasing experience in itself. If you want to shop in Munnar then do it in the street shops in the local markets. They are the best places where you can find local products, handicrafts, tea, coffee, spices and hand woven garments. Some of the best shopping places in Munnar are:

1. Kanan Devan Hills Plantation

Munnar is famous for its flavored tea. If you are a tea connoisseur, you should visit Kanan Devan Hills Plantation. It produces high-quality teas in its estates, processes it in factories, and sells them at a reasonable rate of sale in Munnar. His museum, still called the Tata Tea Museum, has centuries old memorabilia and imparts knowledge about tea making processes. You can take back scented tea pouches and packaged tea souvenirs, some of which are not available outside in local markets.

2. Abbas & Company Tea

Traders Apart from various teas, Munnar is also famous for its coffee and spices. Abbas & Co. in Munnar to visit tea traders to get them to visit. They are wholesale suppliers and exporters, who also have a retail outlet in the main market of Munnar. They sell tea, coffee, spices and many other food products at reasonable rates. You get cardamom, chilies, dry fruits, coconut products, cashews, curry powder, honey, syrup, green tea, natural oils, homemade chocolate, and many more.

3. Green Land Spices Super Market

If you want to buy fresh spices in Munnar, then visit this sales outlet in the main market of Munnar. They have a remarkable variety of locally grown spices. You can buy black pepper, ginger, garlic, cardamom, dry fruits, red chillies, turmeric, and other herbs and spices. They also have garam masala, tea, curry powder and other food items.

4. Aranya Natural

The forests and natural flora of Munnar are a rich source of leaves, roots, bark, seeds, petals and other raw materials, used by the differently abled workers of Aranya Natural to create natural dye dyes. These colors are then used to create ethnic printed designs and intricate patterns on clothing and fabrics using different block printing techniques. Visitors can purchase saris, shawls, dress materials, scarves, etc. at Aranya Natural's Srishti sales outlet. There are also photo frames, greeting cards, gift boxes with amazing designs.

5. Munnar Market

Visiting the city market of Munnar can be very exciting, as you can find something to take back home !! There are small and medium shops lining the streets, and tea, coffee, spices, fragrant oils, handicrafts, home-made chocolates, wooden items, clothing, textiles and more. Fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, strawberries, herbs, pottery, bronze and copper utensils, plastic toys and local forest produce are also available in this market.

6. Mattupetty Dam Market

Mattupetty Dam and lake in Munnar is a very scenic spot. It is an excellent place for boating, horse riding and leisurely walks. There is a flea market near the lake where you can buy gifts, souvenirs, wooden items such as coasters, spoons, ashtrays, trays, pen stands and more. There are also handicrafts made by local artisans.

7. Johnson's Wood Craft

If you want to buy traditional handicrafts in Munnar, then Johnson's Wood Craft is the place to go. Here, you can find many options to buy copper and bronze utensils, sandalwood artefacts, traditional lamps, wooden crafted snake boats etc. The products at the shop are made and made by local artisans and craftsmen.