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Singapore, the smallest country in Southeast Asia and a melting pot of cultures, is a country where modern architecture meets luscious green parks. This cosmopolitan hub has a lot to offer- right from delicious authentic Singaporean food to breathtaking views from its highest towers to gardens hidden away in the midst of this futuristic-looking city!

Here is a list of things that you could do on your visit to Singapore-

1.  Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay

Photo by Duy Nguyen / Unsplash

As the name rightly suggests, 18 giant man-made trees, measuring 25 and 50 meters tall make up the stunning Supertree Grove. These supertrees have large canopies at the top that come alive in the evenings for the spectacular Garden Rhapsody light show! You could take a walk along the 22- meter high Skyway that connects two of the supertrees and enjoy the panoramic views of the garden and the Marina Bay skyline!

2.  Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay

Photo by Yeo Khee / Unsplash

Another one of the country’s breathtaking man-made creations that showcases the perfect symphony between nature and technology is the Cloud Forest! This monolithic multi-tiered forest set inside an enormous glass dome boasts of a large variety of rare plants from all over the world and a 35- meter high waterfall that just adds to the feel of being in the middle of a jungle! Take a stroll around all the 6 different levels of the Cloud Forest and soak in the beauty of this massive forest of rare plants set amid a buzzing city!

3.  Water show at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore in sunset
Photo by Hu Chen / Unsplash

Marina Bay Sands is an iconic hotel with a boat set atop three buildings, with an infinity pool and rooftop bar, which serves as the perfect location to get a glimpse of Marina Bay’s scenic skyline! While you’re here, do head down in the evening to Level 0 of the hotel to witness a grand water show!

4.  Haji Lane

Photo by Bna Ignacio / Unsplash

Perhaps one of the most colorful lanes in Singapore because of its vibrant street art-covered walls; Haji lane is the perfect place to take that post-lunch stroll! Take beautiful pictures in front of these vibrant walls or shop for souvenirs and when you get tired, visit one of the many hip cafes along the lane.

5.  Singapore Flyer and Clarke Quay

This adventure took me trekking for kilometres along an expressway, until I discovered the most unique spot to reimagine the Singapore skyline from a radically different perspective. I sent the UAV up, and immediately knew this was the shot I was looking for.
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP / Unsplash

Hop on for a ride on the world's second largest giant wheel – The Singapore Flyer to catch a glimpse of the entire city, right as the sun sets. After your 30-minute sunset ride, head over to Clarke Quay and be a part of the city's buzzing nightlife by visiting the countless number of restaurants and clubs in the area.

6.  Little India

Photo by paul silvan / Unsplash

The bustling country of Singapore is a beautiful confluence of people from varied cultures, which has influenced the colors and architecture of different parts of the country. In Singapore, you can find a little slice of India in the colorful neighborhood of Little India! Aromatic Indian spice shops, sari stores, vibrant colors and delicious Indian street food is what gives this area an Indian flavor!

7.  Chinatown

Photo by David Kubovsky / Unsplash

Streets lit up with Chinese lanterns and lined with buildings inspired by Chinese architectural designs- welcome to Chinatown! Here you could visit the Thian Hock Keng Temple, which is the country’s oldest Chinese temple or you could indulge in some delicious street food. Chinatown and the neighboring Pagoda Street is where you need to be to satisfy your shopping spree!

8.  Sentosa Island

Sentosa is a sunny island in Singapore with golden sandy beaches, lined with palm trees, where the Singaporeans and tourists head over for all things fun! The island hosts a long list of activities right from adventure parks to butterfly parks; a chance to play with dolphins at Dolphin Island or make sandcastles on the beach. If you're wondering about the best place in Singapore where you can get some really cool family portraits, Sentosa Island is it! Apart from this you can also visit the iconic Fort Siloso Museum or take a walk along the 11- storeys high Siloso skywalk; and lastly, you could treat yourself to a relaxing massage at one of the many luxurious spas and resorts on the island.

Marina Bay Skyline
Photo by Larry Teo / Unsplash

Singapore is a small Asian country with larger than life skyscrapers and man-made structures, friendly multicultural people, and a vibe that is easy to fall in love with! At Travographer, we provide you with personal travel photographers who would ensure that all your Singaporean memories are captured in the form of beautiful pictures that will surely help you relive your Singaporean smiles, each time you look at them!