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Bargain finds, a variety of curiosities, high-end retail goods - all of them on the shopping streets of Southeast Asia. Never content to stop shopping in malls and markets, locals in Southeast Asia have dumped their goods sideways and completely, making it easier for ambulances with Stamina to reach travelers. Walk for miles on a unique journey. These streets have everything - not just bargains, but many of the world's best premium brands have chased the crowds and set them up near these famous shopping streets or in the streets!

1 Orchard Road, Singapore.

Singapore's major retail destination, Orchard Road, underwent a S $ 40 million rejuvenation in 2009, and the result is a more vibrant shopping scene. Today, the Glitz Mall flanks a 2.2-kilometer boulevard, with new creative venues for events and people to see. Millions of shopkeepers spend the year on the street and its stores, but the shopping spree reaches a fever pitch during the Great Singapore Sale, an eight-week bargain from May to the end of July. Orchard Road is also a major stop in the "Christmas in the Tropics" event from late November to New Year's Day: a Christmas light-up of neon lights hanging from the fa├žade and side of the mall, illuminating the length of the road is. During the yuletide season.

2 Thailand's Sukhmavit Road

It is one of the longest shopping streets in the world, and is Bangkok's main artery for food, shopping and nightlife. Whether you are looking for a designer item or a cheap knockoff sold on the side of the road, Sukhmvit has something to make you happy. Most shopping on Sukhumit can be found on the main drag from Soi 1 to Soi 20. For dark-retail therapy after this intensification, visit the Soi Nana Night Market between BTS Nana and Bose Assoc stations.

3 Siem Reap Night Market.

Temple on the day; Market Night - Such is the life of the traveler in Siem Reap, now a full-blown tourist town for its proximity to the world famous Angkor Wat. The night market is an assortment of pubs, clubs, Cambodian spas, cafes, restaurants and shops, side by side, street after street. Check out the stalls selling handicrafts, silk, paintings, jewelry and souvenirs near Sivatha Street. Each warehouse, unlike the typical warehouse setting, is in an attractive Khmer-style cottage, lit with warm ambient lighting - perfect for a leisurely refusal on a balmy evening.

4 Vientiane Night Market.

Vientiane's night market is an organized, open-air affair that takes place on a walk along the Mekong River near Chao Anowong Park. Hundreds of red-roofed stalls sell the typical Wars - clothes, crafts, and a ton of Buddhist-inspired trinkets for tourists looking for something to take home. Be ready for a bargain; But most of all, be prepared to enjoy a pleasant night. Drink in the view of the Mekong at sunset; Go to a nearby restaurant to kick off your night.

5 Jalan Malibaro, Yogyakarta.

Maliobaro is the heartbeat of Yogyakarta, its roads are world famous with Indonesian handicrafts. Batik can be seen on every corner in all shapes and forms; Surrogates of all colors and designs hang from the rack. Rattan handicrafts are a prized feature, as are silver jewelry and silver plated by nearby workshops. As you are browsing, consider yourself with a snack or two "Leshan" (tents) that sell Indonesian street food specialties such as Gudde, Nasi Lungi, Kipo and Jada Tempe