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In a country where everyone aspires to achieve the best from the rest of the world, this is why you must first make the most of the paradise in which you live! There are many places in India — a land of exquisite beauty and a vivid culture that make for the best photography subjects. And many times you must have felt that the pictures will be lodged somewhere deep in your heart which only beats for your motherland.

Get ready for your camera and make sure you capture fleeting moments and make the best memories while staying here.

Photo by ADITYA PRAKASH / Unsplash

Varanasi or Kashi (city of life) is a cracker of colors! In a place from which no photographer can stay away, Varanasi will bring such a wide variety in front of your eyes that it will be difficult to remove that lens. But you really need to be one with a city full of life. !

Zanskar Valley
Hail in all the rigors of nature! Zanskar gives you a view of the majestic Ladakhi valley, which blinds you to the magnificent trails and remote lives of the people here!

Buddha In Mountains
Photo by Sayan Nath / Unsplash

Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley is a desert mountain in the remote areas of Himachal Pradesh that gives a view of the Earth's moon. Spiti's visit will ensure a hint of Tibet culture as well as vague pictures as some villages and monasteries are scattered in this section. Interested in being stranded on planet Earth here?

McLeodganj, Dharamshala
A pocket full of portraits is what you will find here. McLoadganj-Hub. A small town in Dharamshala district of Kangra has a large influx of Tibetan culture, while at the same time, people from all over the world visit. Your subjects may include - narrow streets, old cafes, monasteries, prayer flags, backpackers and more!

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
10 places to get the most incredible pictures of India! 24/33 by Pramati Anand
Madhya Pradesh is a must visit for stone lovers! It has many temples, monuments, forts that have been carved imaginatively and have stood since ages. The Khajuraho temple is known for Kamasutra carvings, which are known for the best in temple art. You have to capture it before they censor it! (pun intended)

Photo by Varun Nambiar / Unsplash

Docky, Meghalaya
Meghalaya, the pride of the North East, must definitely be known for its plentiful nature. The hill state is full of picturesque places. The magnificent clear river of Umangot flows near Davaki. The blue-green water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the river. Catch the annual boat race here during March-April!

Athirapally, Kerala
One of the best places to visit in Kerala, Athirapally waterfall will blow your mind and your lens! The huge waterfalls in the lush beauty of nature is something that you will not see more often!

The Great Thar Desert, India, Rajasthan
Photo by Arshla Jindal / Unsplash

Thar Desert, Rajasthan
10 places to get the most incredible pictures of India! 28/33 by Pramati Anand
Take a break from all the greens and vegetables and spend your time clicking on 50 shades of yellow! The Thar Desert forms a very different composition, vast sections of dormant sky running parallel to the sand dunes.