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A buzzing cosmopolitan hub and the largest city in Australia is the vibrant city of Sydney. Surrounded by a glorious harbor and spectacular beaches, world heritage sites and acclaimed wine regions, Sydney is a city that definitely must be on your bucket list! The beautiful city of Sydney has a lot to offer to travellers ranging from multicultural cuisines to historical museums to a buzzing nightlife, there is something for everyone and something that fits all budgets! So without further ado, here’s the ultimate Sydney travel guide to help you plan an exciting and unforgettable trip!

1.     Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Photo by Fiona Smallwood / Unsplash

The iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge was constructed in 1932 as a government employment project during the great depression. There are two ways to experience the panoramic views that the bridge offers- climb the bridge by joining a climbing tour or walk or cycle across the bridge for free! If you’ve decided to go for the option that gets your adrenaline pumping, then you shall be geared up with all the appropriate climbing gear and safety essentials, before you start the exciting climb up the bridge! The view during the climb is phenomenal, and is truly one heck of a way of experiencing a bridge!

2.     Stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens

Spend your morning strolling through the 200 year old Royal Botanical Garden which is truly a green oasis set in the midst of a concrete jungle. A mere 5 minute walk away from the scenic Sydney Harbor and the iconic Opera House, lies a garden filled with a huge variety of trees and flowers. Don’t forget to pack a small breakfast picnic to enjoy at the park!

3.     Join a Beach Walk

The best way to visit all the beaches along Sydney’s eastern suburbs is to join a beach walk. This is a 6 km long walk that starts from the famous Bondi Beach and ends at the beautiful Coogee Beach. Along the way you’ll be visitingTamarama, Bronte and Clovelly Beaches,parks, bays and rock pools, all of which are simply sunning places to relax at and soak in the pretty views! Don’t forget to carry along your swimsuits!

4.     Trek in the Blue Mountains!

Blue Mountains, Australia
Photo by Vladimir Haltakov / Unsplash

A very scenic 90 minute train ride from Sydney will bring you to the majestic Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are characterized by steep cliffs and narrow ridges, with majestic waterfalls crashing down into the lush valleys underneath. There are a number of hiking trails to pick from, all of which offer stunning views of the scenic panorama!

5.     Sydney Opera House

A visit to Sydney cannot be said to be complete without a visit to the stunning and world famous Opera House! You can opt for a guided tour or explore it by yourself and marvel at the architectural beauty of the Opera House. There are plenty of shows and events that take place in the Opera House which you could buy a ticket to or you could enjoy a meal at a restaurant in the premises!

6.     Visit the TarongaZoo

The city has built a zoo with natural environments that are suitable to all the animals and birds such as koalas, wallabies, giraffes, penguins and many more. A day trip to the zoo can be a fantastic activity if you’re visiting Sydney with your family! It is also possible to sleep for the night in the zoo in safari style tents!

7.     Take a day trip to The Rocks

The Rocks is the oldest settlement in Sydney. Infact it was the first site of British Settlement in Australia and hence has streets lined with colonial building, sandstone churches and narrow cobbled lanes. The area is well known for its weekend markets, art museums, street entertainment, delicious restaurants, and beautiful views of the harbor, Opera House, and Harbor Bridge!

8.     Go Museum Hopping

Sydney has a plethora of museums to choose from! So if art is your thing, you’re in for a treat! You can visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales for its wide display of modern art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia at The Rocks, the Nicholson Museum for its collection of antiquities, the Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbor, the White Rabbit Gallery to marvel at some contemporary Chinese art and also enjoy its teahouse and The Rocks Discovery Museum; all of which are free of cost! A great museum that has done a fantastic job of depicting the colonial life is the Hyde Park Barracks museum which is actually set in an old convict barrack!

9.     Wine tasting in the Hunter Valley

Spend a day in the Sydney countryside amidst acres of vine plantations along the hills! You can opt for a guided bus tour from Sydney or hire a bicycle and ride along the winding countryside roads! As a part of the tour or otherwise, you can visit different wineries and take part in wine tasting sessions! Spend a night at Hunter Valley to make the most of the Sydney countryside!

10.  Sky walk in the Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower offers spectacular 360°views of the entire city from the observation deck on the top floor. The tower is as tall the Eiffel Tower and twice the height of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Do visit the Sydney Tower near about sunset time to get enjoy a stunning sunset before the bright city lights, light up the night sky! If you’re a braveheart, then do sign up for the Sky Walk to walk around the outer glass perimeter of the tower and take in the breathtaking views of Sydney unfurling underneath you!

11.Ferry to Manly Beach

Get out of the city by hopping on a picturesque 30 minute ferry ride from Sydney so as to reach Manly, which is pretty much one of the coolest parts of the north end of the city! Manly has one of the best beaches in the city with huge waves that are perfect for surfing on. You could also kayak, scuba dive or even book a shark diving experience here! Apart from the beaches, Manly also has a number of fantastic bars and restaurants that add to the lively nightlife in the area!

12.Join a pub crawl walking Tour

Yup, you heard us right! There is a 4 hour walking tour that takes you to 4 of the oldest pubs in the city! Join a Pub Crawl tour to know more about the fascinating history of the pubs, interesting events that have taken place in the area and sometimes even about unsolved murders, all while you enjoy some of their iconic drinks! This is definitely not your regular ordinary tour!

13.Hop on a sightseeing Cruise

A number of sightseeing cruises are available from Circular Quay to Darling Harbor, which offer sweeping views of the iconic Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge and the city’s skyline all the while cruising in the blue waters of the harbor! Most of the cruises are catered if you opt for a day long cruise. If not, do book a sunset cruise because that is a sight that you wouldn’t want to miss!

14.Visit the Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is situated in the middle of Sydney Harbor and is easily accessible by ferry. Cockatoo Island is an important historic spot as the island to this date houses barracks and other evidence about the forced labor and convict transportation by the British in Australia. Some parts of the island are UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Walk around the island to delve into Australian history! Apart from this, the beautiful island is also a popular camping spot!

Photo by Christopher Burns / Unsplash

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