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We've got 99 problems, but don't have a P! Goa is a coastal city with very humid and sticky weather and keeping it hydrated at all times becomes a necessity. Holiday Paradise has lots of them and you can choose from their alcoholic, non-alcoholic or mixed flavors. Goan drinks give a feel of real Goan, do not come back without trying these 15 best drinks in Goa.

Goan drinks are known for their exquisite and exotic flavors that are mostly a mix of local preparations and staple drinks around the world. Considering that it is a beach town, naturally surrounded by flowers and fauna, most of the drinks are prepared from coconut palms, palm toddy, palmyra and dates.

1. Feni

The main drink of the state, Feni is something that you cannot save in Goa as long as you are living under a rock. Like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, pineapples and cashews came to India with the Portuguese, Feni was also introduced by them in the 16th century. Feni is made from cashew or coconut palm pap, which is then fermented and distilled. Drinks are served everywhere from shake and cheap motels to high-end bars and five-star hotels. However be careful if you are trying it for the first time as it is 43% alcohol content. The drink is served in many ways, such as mocktail, lemonade, juice, etc. The drink is also known for its healing properties of common cough and cold and does not give a hangover. Feni is distilled twice and the first infusion of cashew feni is urak if you don't like feni and want something tasty. One of the prettiest drinks in Goa, feni is something that would be incomplete without Goa.


2. Sula Wine

Praised as being one of the best drinks in Goa, Sula wine is one of the very few products of the baby wine industry in India. They produce all types you can think of, from red, white, and roses to sparkling and sweet wines. The wine is known for its superior quality and plentiful taste.


3. Kings Beer

यह बीयर गोअन क्षेत्र के लिए विशिष्ट है और विशेष रूप से पीसा जाता है और वहां बेचा जाता है। एक स्मोकी माल्ट सुगंध और कोई आफ्टरस्टेड के साथ, यह मक्का के साथ तैयार किया जाता है और प्रामाणिक समुद्री भोजन के साथ स्वादिष्ट होता है। यह केवल 4.85% शराब के साथ 330 मिली में बेचा जाता है। साफ और सुस्वादु स्वभाव के साथ, इसका आनंद क्लब में ले जाते समय, अच्छी चाल पर या समुद्र तट पर सूर्यास्त को पकड़कर लिया जा सकता है।


4. Desmondji Spirits and Liqueurs

The label has taken Goan Liquor to international standards and produces some really high quality spirits, liqueurs and cocktail blends made from sugarcane. Their most popular drinks are 51% Oak Finish and Agave Gold, which is recommended for single-malt lovers, it is also used in Mojitos, Dekkiris. Both agave plants are made from the same tequila. Their drinks range from a smooth 51% to 100% that is to be peeled and tasted.


5. Armada

This spice liqueur won the gold medal at the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition) for two consecutive years, putting India on the global map of wines. Its recipe is in line with the famous Portuguese royal dynasty which still crafts it in small batches. Formulated using Brazilian sugar, Indian spices and Portuguese fruits made without any artificial flavor or color, it contains 30% alcohol. It is used in countless mocktails to blend perfection for them. One of the most enjoyed drinks in Goa, Armada has certainly garnered some of the best reviews and good ratings among all alcoholics in the party capital of India.

6. Port Wine

Also known as Vinho do Porto, it was brought by the early colonists of Goa, Portuguese in the 16th century. It was the first wine that was produced in India with all its authenticity. It is mostly served as sweet dessert wine and is known for its sweet taste. Sip it while having a nice romantic dinner under the stars on the music of the tide.

port wine

7. Kingfisher Beer

With the most famous beer curry available in Goa, you have the right drink. The literal meaning of beer can be found in every retailer around the city and is not too expensive. Anyone can opt for a ride while dipping in the sandy water in the streets or down the church.

kingfisher beeer

8. Urrak

Urrak is made after the first distillation of the cashew fruit while the feni is the second or third. These local drinks (urak and feni) are made by the locals along with wood and other traditional processes. Unlike Feeni, which is available throughout the year, Urak is only available and was in summer. It is less potent than Pheni with less than 30% alcohol. As it is less alcoholic, it can be half filled with glass and is mostly with lemonade, ice and soda.

9. Sol Kadhi

This special drink in Goa is mostly after meals, especially after rice and is known for its digestive properties. It is made from coconut milk or amsol or kokum. It also fights acidity. The drink is an evergreen concoction, especially in the summers of the beach town.

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10. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is the best natural energy drink you can find. It can charge you like any other drink and it is best for you to be in between volleyball matches or after a good game in the water. Sugarcane juice is mostly sold at roadside stalls or tolls that keep going around so that you can catch one everywhere. The drink is a rich pale green color and tastes heavenly!

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11. Lemonade/Lime Soda

This lime drink is a traditional drink to curb thirst and treat really bad hangovers. Make a mojito out of this or a good cocktail with a nice tequila, it mixes with almost anything and everything. We bet you can't find a place where you won't get this service! Lemonade for rescue and refreshing beach. One of the traditional and finest drinks in Goa, lemonade can be re-added anytime and anywhere.

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12. Kokum Juice

Produced from Kokum fruit, this red color is rich in anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is known for treating diseases like cancer of different parts, hemorrhoids, digestive problems etc. The fruit is also found in the form of butter and oils. In addition, the residue left after oil extraction is used as manure.

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13. Coconut water

Natural coconut water is a trademark of waterside cities. One side of the green coconut was cut from the straw and sent from the straw. It is an ideal drink in Goa to rejuvenate your mind and body. It is sold by local vendors throughout the city and many have also decorated versions of it, where they make straw and coconut curls and therefore look attractive. Like other products made from cocoa, such as oil, butter, cosmetic products, fertilizers, industrial products, etc., this water also has various nutritional benefits. It is also known for its healing powers.

Coconut water

14. Amrut

The first single malt whiskey that is decidedly Indian is made from hand-picked Indian barley from the foothills of the Amrit Himalayas and has a remarkable richness of flavor. Be prepared to taste a touch of luxurious layered, spicy, floral, sweet and toffee notes.

15. Paul John Brilliance

Another desi single malt, it is distilled in a sunny Goa, and is again packed in an interesting bouquet of pleasant flavors: a touch of fruit with a creamy texture that starts with honey, apple, vanilla and cinnamon Proceeds at the sign of.

Armada drink goa


Q. Beer is cheap in Goa?

Yes, it is very cheap. Desi Beer for just 65.00. Its price varies from Rs 50.00 -70.00. (As I tried in Beech Shucks as well as in stores). Imported Beer 95.00 for just Rs. Its price varies from 80.00 - 100.00

Q. Is it illegal to drink in public in Goa?

Earlier, there was no ban or ban on drinking in public in Goa. But recently, in May, the Goa Police has ordered a ban on drinking in public places, especially on the beaches due to forged and broken glass and bottles.

Q. What is the best beer brand when you go to Goa?

Goa's own beer brand - King's beer is one of the best beers to drink in Goa.

Q. Why is alcohol so cheap in Goa?

Due to the tax structure. When Goa was a union territory there was no tax or very little tax. Therefore, even after becoming a state, they have kept excise duty on alcohol products low. So you get the best and famous brands at cheap prices and quality.