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Bangalore is not a city where you knock a specific sight or charm off your travel bucket list. Don't get us wrong - there's a lot to see here, but in Bangalore it's more about eliminating your place in the city than finding that bar or microbrewery that just your name (and then continuing to call it Is), or neighborhood that simply seems to suit their individual pace of life. Despite being one of the most progressive cities in India, Bangalore continues to hold great fascination thanks to the well-preserved colonial architecture and an abundance of parks and green space. If you plan to leave (and we think you should), here is a detailed explanation of how to move around and what to see and do.

Getting to and from BLR

Bus to and from Kempegowda International Airport is a great option. Air-conditioned Volvo buses (referred to as Vayuvajra) all depart from the airport and travel to different parts of the city. Buses run by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) depart every 30 minutes and fare varies depending on where you are going. Buses run 24/7 and you can check fares here. When you arrive at the airport, you can check the performance of BMTC schedules, routes and other information in the arrival hall of the terminal building.

If you want to take a taxi, there are three taxi companies at the airport and the fare varies depending on where you are going, but a trip to the city center should be between INR 750 and 1,000.

Getting around Bangalore

There are a few different routes to get around Bangalore. BMTC operates a network of buses and red AC Vajra buses serve within the city, while Green Big 10 deluxe buses connect riders to the suburbs. The BMTC website is a good place to check fares, routes and schedules, so you can plan routes or familiarize yourself with the system.

Bangalore also has a metro system with two lines (green and purple). It is not over-extensive, but it makes it easy to move around the city. The fare depends on how far you are going, but the fare usually ranges from INR 9 to INR 40 for a short journey. Depending on the line, trains usually run between 6 am and 10 am, but before you hope that the website is sure.

Shorter distances can be done via auto-rickshaws, but you may have to reduce the price. Before starting the journey, try to agree on the fare.

Things to do in Bangalore

Find out why Bangalore is called the "Garden City" of India, with a stroll in the leafy Cuban Park, which houses more than 6,000 species of trees and plants. The 300-acre park is surrounded by colonial architecture, which makes for a nice respite from the busy city. There are many trails throughout the park that people often use for morning walks or jogging. There are many other attractions close to the park as well, including the State Central Library, an art gallery, and the Government Aquarium (as well as the metro stop), so it is a good place to start sightseeing.

Bangalore Palace is another good location in its Bangalore itinerary. Built in 1887, the palace was inspired by Windsor Castle and is still home to the current royal family. Take a self-guided audio tour to learn more about architecture and history and then spend some time checking out the ornate wood carvings and interior decorations.

Beer fans should take some time to check out some of Bangalore's craft breweries, many of which have popped up over the years. Start at the Bayer Club, which was Bangalore's first craft brewery. They usually get a tap, a lager, a wheat beer and a seasonal or special / limited brew on the tap. Some others to investigate include Windmills Craftworks, Toilet Brave, Arbor Brewing Company and Barlies, which has a large roof terrace.

Bangalore is home to many museums and galleries during your stay. Depending on where your interests lie, you have found the National Gallery of Modern Art, Venkatappa Art Gallery, Government Museum, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum and HAL Aerospace Museum.

If you just want to get around and get a feel of the city on foot, one of the best s hoods for aimless wandering is the Malleswaram area. Filled with shops, temples, restaurants, and bars, it makes way for a leisurely afternoon.

Bangalore on the big screen

In the mood for a trip to Bangalore with some Bollywood films. Sholay, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Ghayal and many more all had scenes shot in Bangalore.

Bangalore on record

The music scene in Bangalore is everywhere, with many genres represented by bands in the city. Some of the new groups gaining popularity include the nine-piece pop / funk rock band Clown with a Frown, post-rock band Space Behind the Yellow Room, and the alternative quartet One Girl Shy.

Bangalore in books

Cosmopolitan written by Anjum Hassan, Multiple City: Articles written on Bangalore by Aditi Day and Bangalore by Mahesh Bhat and First Person Singular in Bangalore all talk extensively about Bangalore.