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There is no doubt that in the coming times, a big change is going to happen in our travel patterns and habits. Just as we are settling into a 'new normal' in our daily lives, we are also gearing up to find new and safer ways to move around and move around the world.

Sanitization Will Be the New Security


However, this epidemic has made all of us more aware of our surroundings and prevailing hygiene standards. Be it flights or hotels, travelers will turn to services and establishments that can ensure proper sanitation and hygiene. In fact, it may be mandatory to trace the contact of guests and employees. If this sounds strange, just remember that until 9/11, we never walked through the security scanner to enter the hotel. We now hand over our purses and phones without blinking, because we are electronically scanned. Health, sanitation and hygiene are likely to come for a long time.

Experiences Will Trump Products


Spending more time at home puts things in the right perspective for many of us. As we learned how to defeat epidemic stress by cooking banana bread, gardening, watching movies, and playing board games with our children, we were undoubtedly forced to think of something for our lifestyles. We became more aware of our excesses and realized that material products are not the ultimate source of happiness. This was the time we spent with our loved ones and the things we did together that added more value to our lives. Hopefully, we will carry forward the same sensibility as we travel - instead of objects, collecting moments, experiences and memories.

We Will (Finally) Learn to Travel Light

Packing light and right is a skill many travelers only dream of keeping. But given the limitations of baggage imposed by most airlines, minimalism in packing has to become the new norm. In aircraft cargo, our suitcase will have room for hours with strangers' suitcases and our carry-over will run shoulder-to-shoulder with other items in the shoulder. Therefore, carrying bare minimum baggage would be the best way to reduce indirect physical contact with others and be more in control of your safety. Domestic airlines have already taken measures such as mandatory web check-in and printable luggage tags to reduce baggage handling.

Domestic Destinations Will Find More Favour


With the current uncertainty and apprehension surrounding international travel, people are more likely to choose a destination closer to home, especially for those who are at an unstable distance as it will give travelers a sense of security and control over their circumstances. Therefore, road trips, premium stops, farm and villa stay, local activities and offbeat destinations can gain popularity without the crowds. This will be a positive trend as it will help revive local economies rapidly.

Travel Etiquettes Will Become Non-Negotiable


When it comes to our own safety and those around us, the way we conduct ourselves in public places can no longer be allowed. Keeping this a safe distance from our fellow travelers and following high standards of hand and respiratory hygiene, we will need to make new habits a part of our lives to ensure good health and safety for everyone.

Technology and Travel Will Be Inseparable

Starting with web check-in to printable luggage tags, travel is likely to become increasingly digital. Which means that regular on-ground booking will make way for online booking, and payment will be made online to prevent cash exchange and human interaction. This only means that passengers will need to become more technologically knowledgeable and keep pace with new developments.