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Maldives has always been my dream destination. I had read about the place in one of my school books and wanted to go there ever since. My father had planned a trip to the Maldives in the month of July, and many of my friends and relatives were also to attend.

Talking a little about me, I have traveled to a lot of places since I was a child and we usually traveled in huge groups. But for the last few years for many reasons, I was traveling only with my family. This time, after a really long time to the Maldives, many of my friends and cousins ​​were going to join and I really wanted to go, but my college schedules and classes were scheduled and couldn't take 5 days off . break. So, everyone had their tickets booked and I was trying to make peace with the fact that I was not going.

Well, fortunately, 2 days before the journey started, I had a chance to leave. There was a cancellation in the group and my father asked if I could come. I checked my class schedule, which was recently changed and I noticed that I would be able to easily take a 5-day break without missing several classes.

So, there it was - it was fixed, I was going to Maldives !!! I was so excited. Also, the trip was planned exactly one day after my birthday, which made it a perfect birthday gift for me! After 10 years, I was going to travel with my best friends and my cousins!

As it was a last-minute decision, I decided that only my parents would know and I would surprise everyone else by showing up directly at the airport. And that's exactly what I did! Everyone was very happy and we could not wait to get there.

1. We booked our stay at Paradise Island Resort. It was a beautiful property with greenery and amazing views.


2. The never-ending shades of blue.


3. Attempting one of the various water sports - jet blading. This was one of my favorite moments of the trip. However, it required a lot of balance, but once I got it, it felt like I was flying over water. It was exhilarating!


4. Stingray feeding – It was one of a kind experience!


5. Scuba diving- If you are in Maldives, you definitely cannot miss seeing the beautiful sea life. The name of the country urges you to give "mal-dive".


I believe that this place did not disappoint us at all when I say that. We never realized how 5 days had passed and none of us wanted to leave that place so soon.