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Although Bangalore is not the cheapest of the cities in India where to live, there are a lot of fun activities in the Silicon Valley of India, which does not cost you a single rupee. Here are the top ten things to do for free in Garden City, India.

Visit one too many temples and churches

For the religious and spiritual lovers among you, make it like a local and travel to temples and spiritual places. Bangalore has a storehouse of stunning spiritual places and temples that remind visitors of the city's rich history, culture, tradition and art. Perhaps the most popular temple in all Bangalore is the 16th-century Nandi temple. Built in the Dravidian architectural style, the Nandi temple has a huge monolithic bull 4.6 meters long and 6.1 meters tall, built from a single granite rock. Another popular temple is the ISKCON Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, and is known for its stunning ancient and contemporary architectural styles. Other temples include Banashankari Temple, Sri Someswara Swamy Temple, St. Mary's Basilica, St. Mark's Cathedral and more.

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Be one with nature at the parks and green spaces

Munikar of Garden City of India 'punctures many parks and green space in Bangalore. Amidst all the urban chaos, these lush green spaces are a perfect respite for those craving for peace and quiet atmosphere. Some beautiful parks where you can take a break from the bustle and reconnect with nature. Krishna Rao Park, Bagle Rock Garden and Kabban Park.

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Marvel at the street art on the walls

The streets of Bangalore are full of grand works of art. From witty ideas to showing freedom from hierarchy, to painting artifacts of the city and its beloved people, artifacts as well as social problems as well as local problems, such as pits, in undeveloped areas - striking murals And real artwork is to be found everywhere across the city. Anyone who loves the medium will be amazed by the creativity and diversity of ideas on display. Typical places where you can find some beautiful, eye-catching street art include Malleswaram's 6th and 7th Crosses, Koramangala, 1A Cross Road in Indiranagar, St. Mark's Road, MG Road and RT Nagar. So, take a walk on the city streets and get the much-needed visual inspiration for free; Plus they make for cool Instagram worthy backgrounds!

Mingle with the pups at dog shelters

Happy dog ​​lovers! There are many dog ​​shelters scattered throughout the city, giving you time to petting on four-legged pets for free. Some of these shelters include Maruti Dog Shelter, Charlies Animal Rescue Center and Coupa Second Chance Adoption Center. These centers are open to pet lovers for free (usually on weekends). And if that's not enough, you can shelter them for a day or longer to feed, play and prepare them!

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Hit up the Rangoli Metro Art Center

Rangoli Metro Art Center connects the cultural landscape of the city and is free to boot. It has activities that are similar to music lovers, culture vultures and art aficionados. You can enjoy jam sessions, plays, classic dance recalls etc. In addition, the center has three art galleries which have a wealth collection. Be sure to locate every nook and cranny. If traveling with small people, do not worry, because there is a lot for them in the children's entertainment area too.

Explore the colorful markets

One of the city's many markets is the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture without spending a single penny. The most vibrant and colorful of all is the Gandhi Bazaar where every day, with the joyful feast and the sound of jayghosh, the beautiful places of the people of every region fill the market. Another travel market should include the City Market, which is the largest road market in Bangalore; Kits Mandi and Sunday Soul Santa. Take a stroll in these markets, soak up the local, bustling atmosphere and snap a few Instagram-worthy shots. After all, it is free to watch!

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Join a book launch or reading session at Atta Galatta

If you are a book lover, then Atta Galatta should be an essential stop. Housing over 10,000 titles in Kannada, English, Bengali and many other languages, this bookstore is a book connoisseur. It is a comfortable place where you can sit and read your book with coffee. Many programs are organized here, such as book launch, book reading, poetry session etc. As a bonus, you can also include them for free. Check their calendar to see if they offer free entry.

Catch a free French flick at Alliance Française De Bangalore

The Alliance Française de Bangalore holds free screenings of French films and documentaries on the second Wednesday and fourth Thursday of every month. If you are a film buff, you are here for a treat! Check out the website for more information.

Enjoy a Ladies Night Specials

The 'Pub Capital of India' is dedicated to women one night a week, where you can have some free drinks. So grab your girl squad and offer it a Ladies Nights special at nightclubs and bars. Some notable ones include Cirrus (Wednesday: 7-11–11pm), Loveshake (Wednesday: 8:30 pm–30:30 pm), I Bar (Thursday: 6–10:30 pm), Big Pitcher (Wednesday: 6 pm-10pm), Ice Bar (Friday: 8 pm onwards) and Pebble (Tuesday: 8 pm 10 pm).

Attend free events

Virtually for zilch, Bangalore hosts a series of events of which you can be a part. There are programs for everyone, from music and dance to art, culture, adventure and food. You can sign up for them online.

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