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Kashmir is not only about amazingly beautiful scenery, but is also known for its handicrafts and Kashmiri gift items. Kashmiri artwork is known worldwide for its unique artistic work and grandeur. Whenever you visit a place, you always take something that is unique and for which that place is famous. You take that thing as a memory of that place. Therefore, shopping becomes an essential part of your journey. If you are planning to fly to Kashmir, then you should also be familiar with the famous shopping items that you should buy as a token of memory in your trip. In this article, we have listed the top 10 items to buy in Kashmir. From affordable jewelry to prized Pashmina shawls, you will find them all.

1 Pashmina Shawls & Blankets

Kashmir Pashmina is a famous place for shawls and blankets. There are hardly any people who go to Kashmir and do not buy Pashmina shawls and stoles. These shawls have been completely crafted by experienced craftsmen of Kashmir and are made from pure sheep wool. When you touch the Pashmina shawl or blanket, you will know how fine the texture is with its softness and warmth. It gives so much detail to Pashmina items. Earlier, Pashmina was worn only by kings and queens and therefore signified royalty. So, now you know what to buy first when you are shopping in Kashmir.

2 carpets

Kashmiri carpets are famous all over the world due to their specialty of being handmade and rich in texture. These are one of the top shopping items in Kashmir. Carpeting is a unique art and its quality depends on the number of knots. One of the purest types of carpets you can get from Kashmir only because it is hand woven and made using pure wool or pure silk. Kashmiri carpets are generally very wide and their rates depend on the size and its quality. However, you can buy a mix fabric carpet which is usually of low quality and includes a blend of wool, silk and rayon. The magic of the fingers of the craftsmen can be easily seen on these ideal design carpets.

3 traditional ornaments

Kashmir enjoys an exceptionally lavish culture with its lavish traditional attire and stunning traditional ornaments. You will not find more amazingly beautiful jewels than any place other than Kashmir. Therefore, it is necessary to buy it in Kashmir. The jewelery in Jammu and Kashmir is crafted with the most precision to give a sheer luxurious look. As you know, Srinagar is the largest abode of semi-precious gems, therefore; These stones are poured into the ornaments to enhance the aesthetics of these ornaments. You can take kundal, nupura, chunk flowers, tika, sand and kada from the jewels as these are the jewelery worn by the Kashmiri people.

4 dress material

You can find the most beautiful traditional clothes of the Kashmiri people in the Kashmiri market that represent their rich culture. The embroidery work and intricate design on the fabric highly impresses the visitors. These clothes are specially designed to meet the cold weather of Kashmir. Pheran is one of the traditional costumes of Kashmiri people which is a two-piece dress with long and wide sleeves with a border of stripes. You can either buy or rent these dress to click the picture in Kashmiri style dress.

5 paper mache

products What is it about paper mache, the art of turning useless paper into the most beautiful decorative thing. It is an amalgamated product consisting of a paper pulp and an adhesive solution. It is then molded into the desired shape and allowed to dry and color. This beautiful and unique invention of Kashmir was much admired and admired in its time. You can buy some attractive items made of paper mache such as boxes, flower vases, coaster sets and other decorative items on your Kashmir tour.

6 wood carving

carving closeup no. 2
Photo by Dominik Scythe / Unsplash

items Wood carvings are the most amazing and impressive shopping item in Kashmir. Carved walnut woodwork is the most important craft of Kashmir. The features of this wood include durability, close grain, and detailed work that make the item more detailed and visually interesting. Wood carving is done by highly skilled artisans with the help of indigenous tools. Items like trays, tables, bowls, furniture, key chains, photo frames and key holders are the most purchasable items by tourists in Kashmir. You should buy wood carving items as Kashmiri shopping items.

7 silverware

It is one of the ancient arts of Kashmir. The work is known as q qash 'and its decorative picture-frames are in great demand by the people of European countries and Australia. Silver items are available in Kashmir including flower garlands, silver tea-sets, decorative picture-frames, cigarette-cases and bowls. When you are in a shopping mood in Kashmir, you should buy a silver item.

8 popular fruits

Freshly Picked Apples
Photo by sydney Rae / Unsplash

With beautiful landscape, Kashmir is rich with a supply of many fruits that taste terrific. Kashmir is also known as the land of fruits and various fruits like apple, pear, pomegranate, peach, plum, kiwi, and cherry are cultivated here. You can buy different types of fruits here to have a real taste.

9 dry fruits

Photo by Anshu A / Unsplash

Dry fruits are items that are usually liked by all. The crispy and crisp taste of dry fruits is definitely one of the most liked tidbits. Kashmir has a wide range of dry fruits, of which almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts and figs are the most popular. Buy good quality dry fruits for your loved ones from this beautiful valley.

10 Kashmir Willow Bats

Photo by CFPhotosin Photography / Unsplash

If you like to play cricket, then you should take a look at a wide variety of Kashmir Willow Bats which are available at pocket-friendly rates. These bats have a light pick and outstanding grip. Although these bats are available at a cheaper price, the hard work it takes to manufacture them is much more. When you travel to Kashmir Valley there are many things to buy. You can pick up the most amazing Kashmiri items from famous markets like Maharaja Bazaar and Kokar Bazaar. These delightful markets also allow you to explore the culture of the Kashmiri people and taste you delicious food. If you plan your trip with EaseMyTrip flights, shopping in Kashmir can be more fun. Best wishes for your visit!