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Goa is a paradise for young souls. As soon as autumn hits the North Indian Belt everybody takes a U-turn from the Himalayas to Goa. If you planning a trip with your friends, family or just a romantic couple trip, it’s the best time of the year to visit Goa. The weather is amazing, the vibe is amazing and everything else just falls in the right place by default then.

Here’s what all you can do in Goa:


Goa means beaches, beaches means water and water means adventure. From fun-filled rides to, parasailing, kayaking, Windsurfing and of course swimming. There are a few places where you’ll find good arrangements for watersports, for example, Dona Paula Bay is popular for various water activities.

2. Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

If you are more interested in underwater activities and marine life intrigues you a lot then adventure sports like scuba diving and snorkelling are for you. It’s highly suggested to go for scuba once because it’s an experience of a lifetime. You are in a completely different world, amidst marine lives and living a few moments that you are gonna cherish forever.

3. Cultural Walk

Other than its beaches Goa also has a beautiful historical side to it that most of the people are unaware of. It’s churches, temples and forts signify the rich cultural aspect of Goa. You may visit Old Goa Church, St. Xavier’s Body, Mangeshi and Balaji Temple, Panaji Church, Aguada Fort, Corjuem Fort, etc.

4. Parties & Festivals

Goa is a super popular place for parties and festivals. As soon as the season starts people from everywhere across the globe head to Goa for Music Festivals such as Sunburn, Hill Top, etc. If you have had enough of mainstream parties then crazy parties on a luxury Yacht, Cruise or a silent party on a beach are something you may explore.

5. Camp & Trek

Who says camping is only possible in the hills and not beaches! Unlike the Himalayan treks, Goan treks are comparatively easier and smaller. A small ocean trek to Arombol beach or the other one to Todo Waterfalls are some of the fun hikes to try. You may camp at the beach or in Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary for a night.

6. Casinos & Cruises

There are crazy casinos in the city, luxurious cruises in the ocean and then there are Casinos on cruises. Goa is a heaven for high spirited souls. Even if you are on a Romantic getaway with your loved one, a dinner date with your partner on a cruise is definitely a romantic idea.

7. Go Goa Shopping

Goan Flea Markets are very popular for their crazy collection. They seem like a colorful carnival and every stall has something quirky to offer. You will end up buying more stuff than what you brought to Goa.