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1. Burj Khalifa - Architectural Miracle

Do we need to say more? Burj Khalifa, Landmark Building is on every traveler's list to visit in Dubai. The staggering bird-view from the 124th floor is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with the desert on one side and the turquoise blue ocean on the other. If you are in Dubai, you cannot miss visiting this place, which finds its place in Dubai's list of tourist destinations. Tip: Unless you see CityPlus from above, consider your sightseeing in Dubai incomplete!

2. Burj Al Arab

Designing Burj Al Arab tops Dubai's tourist destinations list in 2021. It is the fourth largest hotel in the world and one of the most expensive 7-star hotels in the world, with many feats. Burj Al Arab is lit up in the evening by beautifully choreographed lighting and offers a myriad of experiences exploring Dubai's attractions. Ideal for - photographer and highly accomplished; Until you can manage your savings for this!

3. Jumeira Beach

Ancient Water Jumeira Beach is one of the most popular places in Dubai, ideal for all travelers. This beach is perfect for all beaches and sunset lovers. With a range of foreign hotels, located on the road leading to the beach, world-class amenities on the beach and majestic sunset views make for a picture-perfect destination. Ideal for: Family, Friends, Children

4. Mall of the Emirates

A Beauty to Behold At number four on our list of the best places to visit in Dubai is the Mall of Emirates, which is equipped with almost everything under one roof. Be it shopping for many brands from every part of the world or special Dubai skis, including a luxurious ski set and penguin attachments - all cooking at a temperature of -4 ° C. Mall of Emirates should be on the list of top tourist attractions in Dubai.

5. Dubai Mall - Opulence exemplified

Popularly known for its shopping extravaganza - the festival Dubai Shopping Festival 'and' Dubai Summer Surprise ', this mall is for shopclues who may be spoiled for choices. One of the best locations in Dubai, Dubai Mall provides entry to Burj Khalifa and also houses the famous Dubai Aquarium and is packed with a range of entertainment options - gaming zones, ice skating rinks and multiplexes. You can buy souvenirs or shop for jewelry for people back home from this mall, the options are endless. Dubai Mall is one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

6. Sheikh Saeed Al - Magnes Overloaded

Sightseeing in Dubai is incomplete without a visit to the home of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, which houses the Dubai Museum of Historical Pictures and Documents of Dubai that gives a glimpse of Dubai's history. The house is a symbol of Arabic architecture, with a stunning design, with a splendid interiors.

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