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Even if you visit the same place from year to year, the outlook changes with every age. Childhood, teenagers, youth, as a couple, as a family and finally as a senior citizen - all phases have their own charm. Traveling with young children can be extremely challenging. Even if you have the best children in the world, it is never easy. But we have some tips that will make traveling with children stress-free. Gone are the times when the whole travel plan revolved around your short routine. Read ahead and thank us later.

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#10 Packing Light

Packing prudently is highly needed when traveling with children, all anxious mummies and those including me overpack for short short trips. Just make a list of how many clothes and socks you need. For toddlers and above, let them carry their own bags, but rather pull their own bags, giving them responsibilities will make them feel important and less raucous!

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#9 Travelling in Flight

For first-time passengers, flight travel can be painful. Always carry things to confuse the child while flying. If you have a child, let them suck on candies while the flight is flying or landing so that their ears are not blocked. Pack a drawing sheet and crayons or activity books for long hair for older children.

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#8 Carry a Tablet/ Keep the Activities coming

Children need to be engaged at all times, so, download an app or game to play them, or watch video flights for them.

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#7 Keep Their Favourite Snacks Handy

If kids can't play, at the very least, keep your snacks in your bag. Chewing something delicious and healthy always helps, especially if you are on a trip that requires walking or physical activity. They may also have their favorite drink. Often, that special snack may not be available when traveling to a new country, in which case make sure you carry some packs and use them when they are becoming exceptionally mischievous or cynical.

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#6 Find Kid-friendly Attractions

Choose a destination wisely. Make sure the surrounding area has some kid-friendly attractions. Theme parks for younger children and museums for older people.

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#5 Travel Journal For Older Kids

For older children, ask them to keep a magazine where they can see what they like, what they like. It will be very exciting to read them later at home and children can share it in schools too.

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#4 Save presents From Birthdays And Give Them On A Trip

Going on a trip, doing something new, making the kids happy and keeping them active. In this way, parents can get rest after a few days. Because remember, even if that day is tiring for you, it may not be very good for your younger self, so keep things in the hotel, or where you are staying, to keep them busy.

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#3 Get Goodies In Flight

Almost all flights will have some toys, stickers, drawing sheets, crayons etc. for children. It is difficult for the little ones to stay in one place. So these goodies definitely help. Have not received the demand.

Ready for the vaccination?
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#2 Check What Kind Of Vaccinations You Will Need

If traveling to a new country, check if your children will require vaccination. Some countries are malaria prone and children will require special vaccination before travel. Check with your child's doctor while planning.

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# 1 Special Deals From Hotels

Many hotels can have special deals related to children. Parents should look around for them and book their stay accordingly.