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A trip to Malaysia should be on your bucket list for several reasons. Melting utensils of most of the world, this beautiful country has a lot that sets it apart from the rest of Southeast Asia. Here are 15 reasons to reassure you to plan a trip (and possibly help with some missed destinations).

1 cultural diversity

Asian ethnicities have settled in Malaysia for centuries, forming their own special mixtures distinct from their native cultures. And with increasing globalization, imports from around the world have continued to diversify the concount. Each culture is expressed and celebrated harmoniously, creating a beautiful living atlas.

2 religious variety

The confluence of cultures and ethnicities brings together a set of religions, making the Malaysian landscape extremely exciting with many Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist influences on the region's temples. Some have even reached international prominence as pilgrimage sites - the most notable of which are the Batu Cave Temple, a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Murugan.

3 continental cuisine

As with many cultures, who have found a home in Malaysia, food that reflects their uniqueness and specialties is not the highlight of a visit here. Even in ancient times, Malaysia was a designated place of spice trade route of the world. As a result, local foods bring together flavors from around the world known to create a special flavor that is only found here. The flow of cuisine still continues through this meeting around the world, so an Indian breakfast followed by a Nyonya lunch and a Korean dinner is completely remarkable.

4 sustainable development

Although Kuala Lumpur is revered as a first-class city, its surrounding areas are still very traditional, creating a mixed landscape of old and new. Its newer and more prominent buildings still derive their design from traditional Malay architecture, thus creating monuments with a liberal nature. Much of the Malaysian landscape is similar and still transforming from ancient to modern.

5 long-standing tradition

While the people of Malaysia are quite urban and modern, most still follow some traditions passed through their families and communities. Look carefully, and you can still see some of these traditions, such as praying before a meal or serving the younger generations to their elders before a meal.

6 rain forest trekking

Believe it or not, Malaysia is part of some of the oldest tropical forests in the world, which is even more ancient than the Amazon forests. The princely island of Borneo is also a part of Malaysia, which includes Sabah and Sarawak. Peninsular Malaysia also preserves some ancient natural worlds and is an area open for trekking to explore those areas.

7 Automatic Multilingualism

Listening to Malaysians interacting is probably one of the most interesting, as most locals have a habit of alternating between all the languages ​​they know they speak (known as code-switching Goes). This often includes their mother tongue English and Malay words. Note - You can catch the words of other dialects that have made their way into the local language.

8 Novelties Gurgaon

One of the attractions of Malaysia is the low cost of goods, be it the edible, wearable or simply displayable variety. Typical day and night meals provide great insight into the everyday lives of Southeast Asian locals, often frequented by everyone regardless of market, income and class. Everything is revealed at a cheap cheap price, but beware of knockoffs.

9 tropical environment

The Malaysian weather is truly an experience. Since it is right at the equator, the country's tropical humidity - a mixture of both high heat and sudden rain - is like no other. While this almost unpredictable weather pattern may seem daunting to some, it is a part of the attraction. Explore the many landscapes of the Malaysian climate: from the scorching heat in the urban jungle, to the perfect strawberry-grown climate in the Cameroon Highlands, to the utterly gorgeous seaside season.

10 natural monuments

Some of the world's most attractive natural sculptures are found within the Malaysian borders, namely the Kinabalu Mountains in Sabah and the Quartz Ridge in Klang. Both are extremely popular places for pedestrians and climbers from around the world, so get ready to cross the most stunning limestone from that bucket list.

11 Amazing wildlife

Malaysian forests have some of the most bizarre and interesting wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else. Spend one evening watching a Borneo-set nature documentary by exploring the rain forests and looking for the weirdest animals you've only ever seen on screen: tapir, binturong and elusive pangolin. For a simple alternative, drop by the National Zoo or some animal reserves to learn more about local flora and fauna from experts and conservationists.