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Tourist places to visit in Ooty: Even though it is a small town, Ooty has a lot of tourist places. Listing below some places for sightseeing in Ooty:  

Photo by Arfan Abdulazeez / Unsplash

1 Ooty Botanical Garden and Rose Garden:

Two places to see in Ooty are botanical gardens and rose gardens. Ooty being a hill station, it is an ideal place for flowers. I also saw a lot of unique flowers outside the botanical garden. We decided to visit this place on our first day in Ooty. However, since the flower show was going on, it was very crowded and we were not going in this time. If you are a morning person, my suggestion would be to go early in the morning as it is open from 7 am to 7 pm. I went here the last time I was in Ooty and this is definitely a place not to be missed. They charge around Rs 30 per adult and Rs 15 per child.

2 Doddbetta Peak:

In Kannada, dodda means big and betta means mountain. It is the highest mountain in Tamil Nadu and is considered one of the best places to visit in Ooty. I had not been to this place the last time I was in Ooty since I was back in the bus because I had a migraine that day. Because it is one of the places to visit in Ooty, it can be really crowded. Another tip I can give you here is to go here to see the sunrise. There is hardly anyone around and it is a nice view from there. The place is also very popular with trekkers and you can trek in less than 2 hours. As we were traveling with the seniors, we ended up driving all the way to the parking lot. Please note that if you are driving, you may have to wait a bit before getting parking. There is hardly any room for parking and it took us a long time to just park and watch. They charge you about 20 rupees for every car parking. Buses are also available upstairs if you do not have your own vehicle. They charge around 10 rupees per adult, 20 rupees for a still camera and 50 rupees for a video camera.

Photo by Srivatsan / Unsplash

3 Boating in Paikara Lake:

Pykara Lake is on the highway between Ooty and Mysore. It is a magnificent lake as seen in the pictures. It is about 20 km from Ooty city and takes about 45 minutes due to the narrow roads. By the time we reached Lake Payakara, it was too late and there was a long line for boating. Again, parking was a problem and we had a hard time parking here. If you want to go boating here, they charge around 175 rupees per person.

4 Nilgiri Mountain Railway:

This is something that is on my wish list and is one of the popular Ooty tourist destinations. It is a train ride between Mettupalayam and Ooty via Coonoor. It takes about 5 hours to cover a distance of less than 50 km. So, if you plan to do this, be sure to keep the entire day free for the toy train only. The scene is considered unbelievable and is believed to be the hardest track in Asia. Tickets are already sold through the IRCTC website and it is quite difficult to get tickets through the Tatkal system. First class tickets cost around Rs 500 per person and second class tickets cost around Rs 250 per person. There is only one train every day and it starts from Mettupalayam at 7:00 am.

5 Ooty Lake:

It is another popular destination in Ooty. The paddle boating system is quite popular here. But please note that if you are a foreigner then you have to pay around 500 rupees.

6 Pine Forests, Ooty:

It is on the road between Ooty and Pykara. Even though we do not stop here this time, it is another place to visit in Ooty. Many films have been shot in the pine forest and this is one of the reasons why it is a popular tourist destination in Ooty.

Places to visit near Ooty:

The hills in Ooty, tamilnadu, India
Photo by DICSON / Unsplash

Ooty has a few places to visit:

• Mudumalai Forest Sanctuary: Very popular for tiger sightings.

• Bandipur Forest Reserve: It is right next to Mudumalai and the only difference is that it is in the state of Karnataka while the other is in the state of Tamil Nadu.

• Coonoor: This place is a less commercialized version of Ooty and it is recommended to stay here if you want to avoid the crowds.

• Black Thunder Amusement Park, Mettupalayam: It is about 50 kilometers from Ooty and I remember that we had a lot of fun when we visited here during my college days. They charge around Rs 700 per adult.