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What can I do in Ooty?

1. Get Mesmerized at the majestic Dodabetta Peak

Located at an elevation of about 8,650 feet above sea level, it is estimated. Dodabetta peak is 383 meters higher than Ooty which has a huge view. Apart from the Doddabetta peak being the top of the Eucalyptus plateau, it likewise comprises a dense forest area that covers the entire area. Doddabetta covers a collection of peak shods [patches of slightly wet evergreen subtropical and tropical wide forest] that extend into hollow sections of the Doddabetta slopes. Visitors can get a panoramic view of the landscape, scenic valleys, plains of Coimbatore and the plains of Mysore from the peak.

2. Walk in the Botanical Garden

One of the best things to do in Ooty is to visit the Botanical Gardens. Be prepared to spend about an hour as walking is very exciting. The Marquis of Tweeddale founded this horticultural park in 1897, following the striking scene of Dodabetta Peak as its backdrop. The Botanical Garden of Ooty has a variety of fern plants, bonsai, medicinal plants and so forth. ooty-botanical-garden_image

3. Safari in Bandipur

The Bandipur Tiger Reserve is located on the Mysore-Ooty Roadways. It constantly keeps entertainment centers on a course protected by various travelers and tourists. This reserve is one of the best things to see in Ooty and Ha as significant numbers of tigers and elephants. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu control this park simultaneously. The Tamil Nadu side of the recreation center is called Mudhumalai Hold. The Bandipur National Park has been earmarked for acknowledgment as a heritage site which is a must visit and controls every Ooty trip.

4. Grab Chocolate from Local Shops

By the rules of being a good tourist, it is followed by law that you cannot return from a trip to Ooty before taking a few boxes of your homemade chocolate. Mecca for Ooty's handmade chocolate is King Star which was made in 1942. Chocolate Confectionery has over forty delicious flavors of chocolate and also offers free samples to its customers. Chocolate is reasonably priced and unlike any other, you may have tried it. travelogged-18-things-do-ooty_image

5. Shop from Upper Bazaar Road

This is definitely a shopper's paradise because they have everything that's going on this season. It is a long lane with footwear, clothes and bag trends that will leave you in doubt as to what feels best. You completely think about shopping more and more as you think almost everything will fit your budget.

6. Ride the Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train

Passing through many tunnels and hundreds of bridges, there is a 46 km long Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train. The ride is very picturesque in nature covering the ravines, rocky areas, densely forested hills and tea gardens. Children especially love this ride, along with adults. The best scenery and sightseeing crosses during the stretch from Mettupalayam to Coonoor. Every Ooty tour guide is incomplete without a Nilgiri Mountain Toy train ride.

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What are the tourist destinations to visit in Ooty?

1. Tea Park

When you travel to Ooty, be sure to visit their tea park, which is the main source of revenue for this city. Ooty's tea park serves to increase traffic during tourists as people visit the tea park after a view from Doddabetta peak. The management looks at the tea machinery used in the tea procession. The tea park is a journey for all tea lovers.

2. Fernhill Palace

Spread over 50 sections of land; Fernhill Palace is after a Swiss chalet. The artful culmination highlights a wooden bargeboard and an alternative cast iron that gives it a trademark look. The royal residence is set amidst rich green yards, traditional greenery enclosures and thick wood with staggering views of terraced tea gardens and veranda valleys. travelogged-18-things-do-ooty-fernhill-palace_image

3. St. Stephen's Church

It is one of the oldest churches in Tamil Nadu that was built when the British ruled the country. St. Stephen's Church is visited by a lot of tourists every year and is the main tourist attraction in Ooty. Whatever was said and done about the British, they were beyond any doubt how buildings and churches are built which stand for the hearing of time and the structures which work between their times, They still stand tall in the diverse pieces of our country. -Do-ooty-st-stepher-church_image

4. Pykara Waterfall

Pykara waterfalls is about 4 to 5 Kms away from Pykara lake. Even though it is not a very big waterfall, but the way to the waterfall is having great scenic beauty giving an awesome place for clicking amazing pictures. The surroundings of the Pykara are famous for the Toda settlements and these are one of the very few placements where you find the Todas in their natural habitat.travelogged-18-things-do-ooty-pykara-waterfall_image  

5. Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose is a unique rock formation and its peak resembles a dolphin’s nose from where it gets its name. On your way to Dolphin’s Nose, Ooty, Tamilnadu in South India; you would be able to witness beautiful tea gardens and shops with a different type of tea bags, herbal medicines, and so forth. The Dolphin's Nose gives you a 180-degree view of the scenery laid in front of you with the Catherine falls hushing right through the center of the dense forest.travelogged-18-things-do-ooty-dolphines-nose_image

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Which places can I explore near Ooty?

  1. Coonoor

Picturesque enchantments, splendid buildings, kitty cottages with astonishing views of nature Coonoor has many hidden gems within its lap to offer its visitors. Away from the hustle-bustle of the mad city life, Coonoor is an ultimate retreat and a serene destination to spent some quality time. travelogged-18-things-do-ooty-coonoor_image

2. Yercaud

Situated in the gorgeous Shevaroy Hills in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a great trekking destination to explore. It's a calm and picturesque hill station with an extensive widespread of orange groves, coffee and spice plantations all across the hill town. Not only among the most beautiful places to visit in South India, but Yercaud is also gradually becoming a tourist hotspot.travelogged-18-things-do-ooty-yercaud_image

3. Alleppey

Cannot afford to visit Venice? Visit the Venice of the East at Alleppey commonly known as Alappuzha. Notably famous for its remarkable backwater, the city of Alleppey in Kerala is also known for its mesmerizing beaches, lagoons, ancient temples, and Ayurveda wellness centers. Dotting the coastline of the Arabian Sea, Alleppey is the oldest planned backwater town of Kerala. The backwaters coupled with houseboats and the tropical village life makes Alleppey worth a visit.travelogged-18-things-do-ooty-alleppey_image

4. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is to Bangaloreans what Darjeeling is to Kolkatans or what Nainital is to Delhiites. Waterfalls, valleys, meadows, grasslands, forests, and lakes of the quaint hill station of Tamil Nadu make it one of the best places to visit in South India and a perfect summer holiday destination from the peninsula. From cycle rides to yoga, boat rides to treks Kodaikanal has a lot of adventures activity within its heart to offer to its tourists.