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Beautiful lake and mountains in Indian Himalayas, Ladakh region 🇮🇳
Photo by Steven Lasry / Unsplash

An Indian destination that everyone dreams of visiting with friends and has thousands of canceled plans and if they somehow manage to convince the gods (read their parents and friends) they actually have a trip to Ladakh it occurs! Seems related, eh? We also have to do this. Ladakh is a high altitude Himalayan mountainous region of India. The majestic Himalayas, rivers, plateaus, mountain peaks, snow, and elevation glaciers are just a few of the factors. The road to Ladakh will take you a complete walk through the snowy Himalayas and is just another add. It is a tourist-friendly place in India. Its coordinates are 34.2996 ° north and 78.2932 ° east. Naturally when a place is at such a height and so attractive, it will have its own opposition. Here, we have listed important Ladakh travel tips for the first time travelers to save you from trouble.

1. Climate of Ladakh

Ladakh is a large part of the high mountain ranges of the Himalayas in India. Cold desert type of climate prevails throughout the year. One of the important thing about Leh Ladakh Yatra is that the region receives cool air during the day and night. Those who are unable to withstand the cold weather with warm clothes should avoid traveling to Ladakh during November to March. The weather will be extreme as it will reach below freezing point. You should carry sweaters and warm jackets in all seasons here. It is advisable to travel during the dry season, which is from April to June. You can feel some sunshine and heat during the day. The summer season is the best time for people of all ages to visit here. You can go on exploring the glaciers, Indus River while trekking in its mountain pass and valleys. You can also take a scenic drive route to Ladakh via bike or SUV.

Photo by Aryan Singh / Unsplash

2. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) Medications

This is one of the most important Ladakh travel tips. It is advisable to consult your doctor before traveling to Ladakh. The reason for this is that you will be on high mountain ranges, ranging from 10,000 feet to 23,000 feet in height, which will be above sea level. It is advisable to take the AMS medication prescribed by your doctor. this is because; AMS can cause shortness of breath, severe headaches, vomiting and loss of appetite. Without AMS medication, bubbles are likely to form in the lungs. It is a medical emergency. If left untreated, coma or death can occur. It is advisable to carry a personal thermometer, sphygmomanometer and first aid kit. Whenever you are feeling dizzy in high altitude areas in Ladakh then it would be appropriate to check your BP and temperature. this is because; You have to reach Leh for any emergency. Traveling by road is the only option available here.

3. Mountain Bike Rental

High-altitude mountain biking is one of the most important adventure activities and you should try it in Ladakh. Traveling on the road to Ladakh, you are also traveling on the world's highest motorable road. It will be one of the most memorable rides in your life. You will never forget the beautiful beauty of the Himalayas, which you will see while mountain biking. You can hire a bike from Leh or Manali. They range from 350-cc to 490-cc. Some places on the road are harsh. Therefore, you should have some experience while bike in mountainous areas. It is an economical way to take a road not taken in Ladakh. It is advised to bring your helmet, jerkins, boots and hand gloves. You can also bring knee, elbow and kidney guards for extra protection. This road is safe to drive and is one of the suggestions for your Leh Ladakh trip. You can find only a few military and cargo trucks on the way. Other SUVs belong to tourists.

Clouds around mountains in Indian Himalayas, in the Ladakh region 🇮🇳
Photo by Steven Lasry / Unsplash

4. Ladakh Road Safari

Car Hire Travel tips for Leh Ladakh tell you how the road is the best choice for those who are not ready to do mountain biking. There are many car rental service providers in Leh. They will allow a maximum of 6-person to travel. If you are not able to drive on a high mountain road, you can drive yourself or hire a driver. It is a more cost effective way to explore the world's highest road in Ladakh. It is advisable to plan in advance during the peak season from March to May. Nevertheless, tourists take road safaris in other seasons to see the white beauty of the Himalayas. They provide drivers. Exploring by road is the best way to see the majestic Himalayas in full. You can browse online for car hire for Leh to Ladakh Road Safari. It is a beautiful mountain road drive on the Himalayas.

5. Tourist Accommodation in Ladakh

These Leh Ladakh travel tips will help you find the perfect place to stay in different tourist seasons. March to June is the peak tourist season. If you come here and do a search, it will be difficult to find accommodation. This is because it has very few living facilities. Most of the budget hotels are in Leh. It is better to plan in advance during the peak season. Non-peak seasons are icy. Nevertheless, there are many tourists, who want to see the snowy beauty of the Himalayas during winter. You cannot get luxury accommodation in Ladakh. You can expect standard accommodation with HVAC system, TV and hot bath facilities. The night temperature will go below minus degrees Celsius. If you do not find accommodation, you will be in trouble for living in your SUV with warm clothes or with bonfire. It would be nice to get a room with mountain views from the balcony or through the windows.

Temple in Ladakh, India 🇮🇳
Photo by Steven Lasry / Unsplash

6. Clothing for Ladakh

Trip Clothing travel tips for Ladakh tell you that there is no other option than warm clothes. During summer the daytime temperature will be below 25 ° C. During the night, it can fall to 15 ° C. It is best for men and women tourists to wear jeans shirts and pants during the day. During winter, the daytime temperature will be below 15 ° C. It will fall below zero degree Celsius during the night. It is advisable to bring warm jackets, furry socks and glitter, a pair of mufflers, sweaters and shoes above the level of the ankle.