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Sets of Three
Photo by Dikaseva / Unsplash

Eat on the road

You can pick up delicious local fare for under 10,000 IDR ($ 0.70 USD). Alligator snacks, soups and noodles will keep your wallet thick and your belly full! The market is your best bet to find seriously cheap food.

Hard Deal

Nothing is at face value in Indonesia. Bargain with the sellers, because the price they quote will not be the price you will pay if you bargain!

This photo was taken atop Padar Island in Indonesia. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Tourism Indonesia to visit as a state guest to capture their country through my own interpretation of how I view their beautiful country. Obtaining this photo was not an easy feat as we had to speed boat 3 hours from land to the island, followed by a small dinghy bringing us to shore, and a hike up a dirt/rock covered track (kudos to my model for doing so with a dress!) all whilst chasing the sunset light to reach the top.
Photo by Killian Pham / Unsplash

Drink cheaply

Save money on alcohol by visiting local happy hours (or buying your drinks at a local store instead). This would be the cheapest way to drink!

Take a free shuttle

While taxis are inexpensive, pretty much every accommodation will provide free airport transfers. Take advantage of these and save yourself some money.

Book online in advance

if you're planning to hit some of Bali's most popular destinations in Indonesia, it's really cheap to show your accommodation (and sometimes tours) in advance online , Not to complete a transaction.

The clouds roll across the island covering all except the peaks that emerge. When they clear the ocean, the Gili Islands and Bali are all visible, but as fast as they come - they’re gone again.
Photo by Aaron Thomas / Unsplash

Pay directly to the bus attendant

when you are taking an intercity bus, do not buy tickets from the ticket window. Cheap to pay on the bus!

Bring a filtered water bottle

Bali has a ton of plastic waste. It is so much that a lot of it is just burnt. You will see it during your journey - and smell it. Bring a reusable water bottle with filters to save both money and the environment. I personally like Lifestra and Graele.