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If you want to add an element of excitement to your future trip, add these thrilling adventures around the world to have some fun in the water.

Drake Bay Kayak
Photo by Filip Mroz / Unsplash

Kayaking - Antarctica

There Are Many Activities to Get Ready on a Cruise
We've done a lot of kayaking around the world, but nothing compares to Antarctica.

Kayaking through the sharp snow while spotting leopard seals, humpback whales and gentoo penguins was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives.

Paddling in silence through this last frontier on Earth allows you to get so close to wildlife that you can almost reach and touch them.

When you walk through fields of giant icebergs and gaze at the spectacular coastline of ancient glacial ice floes, you truly believe that you have found heaven on earth.

White Water Rafting Class 5 Rapids - New Zealand

If you're looking for more adventure, try whitewater rafting on class 5 rapids in New Zealand.

The adventure capital of the world has some awesome water sports. Expert guides will help you navigate through the big waters but that doesn't mean you don't have to work.

You have to be focused and work hard to make it through the run.

Be prepared to brace yourself and when he says "Get down!" shouts, listen to your guide. One false step and you will be thrown into icy glacial waters... just like me! What a wonderful watersport.

Swim With Whale Sharks - Mexico

This is one of the most magical experiences you have ever had. Swimming with Whale Sharks lets you get up close and personal with the biggest fish in the world!

Reaching a length of forty feet, these beautiful giants move fast and swimming with them is exhausting. But watching their eyes and wings glide smoothly through the turquoise water is worth every effort.

Swim With Horses - Jamaica

This is definitely one of the most unique things we have ever done in the water. Jamaica is famous for horses that love to swim.

Don't worry, if the horses don't want to swim, they won't, so they're not being forced to do anything.

Horses love to cool off in the water and this is a blast to give a try.

Kite Surfing - Maui

Kite surfing is one of the best water sports in the world and a great way to add adventure to your trip.

We learned to kite flying in Maui and it was a lot of fun. There is great kite surfing around the world, and if you master it, you will be able to do kite surfing anywhere during your trip.

Self Drive Zodiac Adventure - Alaska

Zip through the bay in the driver's seat and follow your Alaskan guide along the rugged coast, where you'll experience salmon farms, totem poles, and life as a true pioneer as you cook marshmallows over an open flame. Will stop by for an outdoor cookout for roasting.

Canyoning in Jordan

Imagine a 30 meter waterfall falling down and throwing down huge boulders in the middle of a flowing river.

Now that's a watersport. That's all in Jordan.

Take a break from relaxing in the Dead Sea and make your way through an incredible canyon system all the way to Wadi Mujib.

Carry a waterproof camera as this trek is all about getting wet.

You stumble through the river while climbing rocks, swimming in the stream and yes, navigating the waterfall.

Kayaking with Beluga Whales - Canada

Most people go to Churchill Manitoba to see polar bears, but there's an amazing water adventure to be had.

Get on a kayak and head out to the harbor where thousands of lovely beluga whales migrate through the area. They are playful and inquisitive and will come to your boat to say hello.

Whitewater Kayaking - Canada

Learning whitewater kayaks is one of the best watersports to be able to brag about. Oh yes, we've run rapids in kayaks and mastered the roll!

Learning on the Madawaska River in Canada is one of the best places in the world, this is where our Canadian Kayak team trains and we conquered that course.

Helmet Walk - Australia
Things to Do in Australia Helmet Dive Great Barrier Reef
Certainly scuba diving is one of the best watersports you can choose to do, but one of the most unique and most unique is wearing a helmet and walking in the Great Barrier Reef.