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praia da marinha algarve, portugal
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Cote d'Azur

A temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, humming Ferraris, dazzling resorts and sexy all-night parties on the beach, a summer in the French Riviera will force you to say shell yes. The spectacular promenade of Caen, from the boats parked on piles at La Croisette and St. Tropez to the sunset beach promenade of Nice, is a summer wild in the south.

Best for: Sunseekers and High Rollers.

Must See: Eze, the most beautiful medieval village of Cote d'Azur. You can visit the quaint but Old World Church, the beautiful Jardine Exotic and the local perfume factory.

Must Eat: Be it lunch or dinner, Miramar Plaza will live up to your expectations. Located on the mythical croisset of Cannes, you will get only the best service and some of the most delicious food in the South. From oysters to creamy gnocchi with barretta and truffle oil, it will fall in love at first..

This one's from back in 2019 summer. Monaco is truly a beautiful place!!
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Good things come in small packages. And as the second smallest country in the world, Monaco makes an extreme heat destination. About Monaco they do not tell you how colorful and captivating it is when you see it with your own two eyes. Of course, one should not forget the amazing history filled with barbarians, kings, supercars, film stars and money bags. Francois Grimaldi, you did well.

Best for: Cash splash.

Must See: Arrive at the palace at 11:55 am to change the guard. After 10 minutes it can get a bit monotonous, but it escapes the scenery around Monaco.

Must-Eat: One of the most famous Michelin-starred restaurants in Monaco is Le Louis XV. With a celebrity client as tall as the Eiffel Tower and a menu that serves fine food, this is a must - even if only once.


Visit the Isle of Beauty Corsica, France. This small continent is located 200 kilometers from the French Riviera and yet it feels very bumpy, old world and magnificent at once. The Corsican way of life is simple and unplanned, tourists are left peacefully to enjoy the dense forests, time-forgotten villages, national parks and not to forget the GR20 Trail. If you are ever short on fun, look for the Corsican Holy Trilogy, food, wine and music.

Best for: Fans of the great outdoors and active holidays.

Must See: Les Calanches de Piana in the northwest of the island is a great example of extraordinary scenery: red rocks falling into the sea. You can go there by car or if you want to avoid the crowds and experience the grandeur of these rocks from the sea, you can make it by boat.

Must-Eat: L'Auberge de la Restonica offers fine cuisine made from local produce in the beautiful valley of Restonica in the center of the island. It is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy your meal surrounded by nature!

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The grand island of Sicily can only be described as an incredible open-air museum of archaeological sites, with medieval villages ravaged and lacking in good food. Mount Etna meanders along the shimmering bay, sandy beaches and offshore islands, where the water is vodka-clear, while the interior of the island is filled with growing mountains, lush vineyards and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Best for: Culture Vulture.

Must See: Cefalu is one of Sicily's summer hotspots. The city is littered with narrow and winding streets, with a plethora of eateries and boutiques overlooking the coastline. We will sea you there.

Must-Eat: A more humble, but intensely flavored meal awaits you at Restaurant Locanda del Curnallo. Their ever-changing menu is a testament to the chef's dedication to using only the freshest local produce. His Iblio Pig with smoked potatoes and broccoli sounds like a spoonful of dreams.

Way to the summer.
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Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most piercing regions in Italy. The beach has a unique appeal - in the midst of light-colored boutiques, plunging mountains and sun-kissed sunbathers. By the 1950s, this beach was largely undiscovered and relatively poor, with its economy almost entirely dependent on fishing and growing lemon trees. and now? Well, it has become a major summer destination attracting travelers from all over the world.

Best for: Elevating your body.

Must See: Timeless and beloved, Sorrento is the perfect place to escape from mainstream tourism. This coastal city combines extraordinary landscapes, where the sea and mountains meet and the city is peppered with beautiful citrus trees.

Must-Eat: The Eolo restaurant can accommodate 32 guests, so consider yourself lucky if you manage a reservation.

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A tourist destination for Italians and foreigners, both the beauty and the sophisticated hedonism of Capri has mesmerized everyone. The island is a mottled fusion of huts, caves, Roman ruins, overflowing vegetation plots and rich wildlife. You can also decide to explore other treasures on other islands in the Gulf of Naples once you have seen some sightseeing, including the Blue Grotto, the Gardens of Augustus and the Port of Marina Grande. Day trips to Pompeii, Ischia (green island), and the Amalfi coast are thoroughly recommended.

Best for: Food and Romantic.

Must See: Grotta Azzura (Blue Grotto) must be the most famous site of Capri. It is a sea cave with light shining through an underwater cavity that creates a spectacular kaleidoscope of blues and blue colors in the grotto making for a very atmospheric boat trip.

Should eat:

Where to stay: There are direct views of Capri from Casa Mari on the Sorrento coast and it's just a short boat ride. So you can admire Capri from your swimming pool away from the crowd. the best of both worlds!


Scenic hikes, coastal trails and some of the most beloved beaches on European shores, Sardinia is a sight to the sore eyes. It may be the largest Italian island, but a visit will make you feel as if the whole island is completely with you. You will quickly realize that Sardinia is not just a pretty face, but that every nook and cranes has its own story. You will find traditionalists in Barbagia, high life in the Costa Semralda and ancient history in Nora.

Best for: Beach Girls.

Must See: Costa Smeralda. Yes, the sand is actually white and the sea is the palest blue. Spread over 10 km, it is perhaps the most famous corner of Sardinia.

Must-eat: The restaurants at Sa Mandra Farm have the most divine charcuterie, homemade ricotta and pecorino - but the real showstopper is their nine-hour roasted sucker pig.


Good things come in small packages, right? right! Montenegro is small but powerful: from the wilderness of Durritore and Skadar Lake National Parks to the jaw-dropping bay of Cotter surrounded by truly impressive valleys on the inland coast — Montenegro is a place of wonders and beautiful scenery. There, you will see small fishing islets turned into 5 * hotels, monasteries carved into steep cliffs or built in the middle of the sea and one of the deepest canyons in the world (Navidio Canyon)! If all this does not put Montenegro on the map of the next 'It' destination then we do not know what will happen!

Best for: Good food and wine lovers and party sweethearts!

What to see: A scenic boat trip across the Bay of Kotor to stop at Our-Lady-of-the-Rocks for truly breath-taking scenes and old legends. For the pious, the dramatic setting of the Ostrog Monastery is a difficult climb that is worth it!

Where to eat: On the Montenegrin coast, it is about the freshest fish and seafood you can find; We recommend Katovica Mlini in Morinja for a beautiful meal set in a rustic old mill and if you're in Budva, you won't find a better place than Jadaran Code Crusta for fish and seafood: feet in the sand (almost) , The scene is playing live music over the old city and from a marshy boat, it doesn't get more montenegrin than this!


Home to Love Island, a Mediterranean weather and a staggering 262 beaches, Mallorca is a paradise for all things sand and sea. While beach holidays have traditionally been the stock-in-trade of Mallorca, Palma, its capital, is carving out a niche as an upcoming city destination. From its gulji shopping scene, cultural attractions, walking old city and Gulzar harbor - the sea-sun has to be in Mallorca.

Best for: Island fan.

Must See: Pollenka's Calvary Steps, They Will Give Your Calves One Workout Hell - All 365 Of Them.

Must eat: Unlike the steps, you will get Clivia. The exterior restaurants are centuries old and yet seem to contradict its modern white interior décor. If you go, the lobster paella is to die for. Period.

Sunset in a beach cove with traditional fishing huts and rock formations
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Whether you want to enjoy clubbing or not, the island's reputation as a hedonistic shelter is well-deserved - but spending the daylight sleeping from a hangover to a Michelin-starred restaurant and ordering only tap water Is like giving. Ibiza is about ten times the size of Manhattan and in that area, you will find a huge variety of landscapes, activities and cultural curiosities to enjoy. You just need to know where to look!

Best for: Boozy Sundowners.

Must See: Sandy toes, nose kissed in the sun, ritual drums at Benirras Beach get in on Sunday Sunset at good vibes.

Must Eat: El Chiringuito is found in the coastal town of Es Cavallet - in fact, it is found on the beach!