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Dubai is unlike anywhere else on the planet. With its bold architecture and adventurous style, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates is a distinct fusion of its Bedouin heritage and an ultramodern style. Dubai does not just live up to its reputation; It will completely exceed your expectations. Explore glitz and glam, and then uncover the ancient traditions of this multi-faceted city. Here is my ultimate Dubai travel guide!

Sunrise shot of Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa.
Photo by David Rodrigo / Unsplash


Language: While Arabic is the official language of the UAE, English is the language of business and is spoken by almost everyone in Dubai.

Currency: Durham (s). The exchange rate at the time this article was written is Dhs 3.67 to USD 1.

Credit card and bank: Cash is still king here. While most places accept credit cards, it is always best to make changes.

Photo by Fredrik Öhlander / Unsplash

Climate: Summer in Dubai is extremely hot. Daytime temperatures sometimes exceed 106 degrees while nights are below twenty-eight degrees. Winters are more comfortable with tempers between sixty five and seventy five degrees.

Good to know: The minimum drinking age is twenty-one and there are areas where photography is prohibited, so watch for signs.

Dress Code: It can be very hot in Dubai, but you should know how to keep your clothes on the conservative side. Be sure to pack light layers with some long-sleeves and full-length bottoms.


We were on our way to ride camels on the desert as I pulled my friend to take my hand so I can lead the way. This picture is a collection of my minimalist travels around the world and it is meant to inspire more female travelers to go solo and enjoy the new people and adventures you meet along the journey.
Photo by Valeria andersson / Unsplash

From the Airport: Book a Marquee Bronze "Meet and Greet" service for fast track through the airport with zero hassle.

Public transport: Eating or drinking in the metro (and this includes chewing gum) is prohibited. Cabins are reserved for different categories, such as women only and gold class, so see the signs. Sleeping is not allowed in stations.

Taxi: Book a cab by calling 04-2080808. The taxi has a minimum meter charge of Dh12. If you need to go through the toll road, there is a Salic Fee.

Boats: There are a lot of attractions in or near the water in Dubai hence there are water ghats and taxis which are 10 AM, 12 PM. And 5:30 p.m. You can ride on a traditional "Abraham" boat down Dubai Creek or through the Souk Madinat Jumeira.

Bike: There are city sidewalks across the city that make the bike easy! You can rent a BYKY bike at a curbside station and return it when you are done.

With a 12-hour layover in Dubai, even on very little rest, you’re called out to explore the futuristic city that rises out of the sand seemingly in the middle of the desert.
Photo by Drew McKechnie / Unsplash

You should Know before getting there
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