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What is Standardized content?

Standardized content is structured information that allows you to achieve a high level of quality based on an optimum degree of order or uniformity.

Every brand’s purpose of existence is to make sales and gather customers. One thing that every brand aims to achieve Is to get customers to recognise the brand on their own. Question arises how will a customer start recognising a new brand? What is it which makes them feel that they have seen this brand before.

This is where content standardisation comes in. To create an everlasting impact, you need consistency, whether it be in terms of services or content that you provide. Once a customer understands the essence of what you provide along and the quality given by you, they will come back for more. Customers start recognising the brand logo and the content style.  If you offer great user experience, people will get hooked to that. The essence of this process lies in assured quality over and over again without any compromises because that is what customers are looking for.

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For Example: McDonalds is a fast food chain which offers premium quality food and the same taste worldwide. Thus people visit their franchises again and gain for the same taste which they offer, In a way customers are hooked to the taste offered by them. In a nutshell, their standardised food is what people rely blindly on now and recognise the brand even from a distance.

Similarly, the content offered by any brand needs to focus on the domain they deal in, provide quality and tailor to the need of the people ( Localization). Unless a brand creates a firm decision and layout to function with, It will eventually crumble down by relying on hit and tries.