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If you talk about South-East Asia, then it is a great pleasure for a traveler. From the beautiful beaches of Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia to the temples of Cambodia and the culture of Vietnam, the region draws tourists from all over the world. Another great reason for the immense popularity of South East Asia is the incredible cuisine that provides travelers from one country to another. Almost all of these countries have a great street food culture, offering authentic regional cuisine at extremely affordable prices. However, if you are not yet sure about the stuff you are trying to do backpacking at various luxurious places in the region, consider this list for the most luxurious cuisines in South-East Asia.

1 Nasi Goreng:

This is undoubtedly one of those flavourous preparations you should try in Indonesia. Nasi Goreng is a delightful version of fried rice, topped with a scrambled egg and served with shrimp crackers, available almost everywhere in the country. I still suggest you try it in a good and authentic restaurant because no one can do justice to the exact taste of this dish.

2 pho:

This is a meal that you can eat anytime night or day. It is extremely popular in Vietnam and a trip to the country is not complete without experiencing Pho. It is basically a rice noodle soup served with beef or chicken and garnished with basil or mint leaves, onions, sprouts, lime and chili. In addition, it is incredibly cheap.

3 Pepper Crab:

If you like seafood, then this special preparation is going to blow your mind. Pepper crab or fish are massively popular in Singapore and you find them in many small and large restaurants and places to eat. It is made of hard-shell crabs and fried with black pepper. In some places, it will be served in a black pepper sauce with rice to make it a complete meal.

4 pad thai:

It is undoubtedly the most famous cuisine in Southeast Asia, with versions available worldwide. Thailand's renowned delicacy, Pad Thai, offers everything you need from great food: a remarkable taste, precise sweetness and spice, sow fried preparation and a reasonable price. It is made of flat rice noodles, which are fried with eggs, spices and vegetables or meat.

5 Nasi Lamek:

Considered as Malaysia's national dish, Nasi Lemak is an aromatic rice dish cooked with coconut milk and betel leaves (found in the region). It is served with spicy chutney, roasted peanuts, fried eggs and sometimes fried chicken and small fried fish. Most of these additions are spicy in nature making the whole meal even more delicious.

6 Amok:

If there is one dish that distinguished Cambodia on the food scene, it should be amok. It is made by cooking fish or chicken inside banana leaves to retain its flavor. Then, a special curry is prepared with the resulting product where coconut milk serves as the base. Many native and Indian spices are used to make spices. The end result is a delicious and creamy coconut curry that you could not find anywhere else. Advice: Eat as much as you can.

7 Chicken Satay:

This is another impressive endowment from an Indonesian cuisine. It consists of chicken that is seasoned, skewed and grilled or barbecue over a wood or charcoal fire. Satyanas are usually eaten as an entree or snack and served with peanut sauce. It can also be prepared with beef, goat, mutton, pork, fish, some other meats or tofu.

8 fried spring rolls:

These crispy and oily spring rolls taste exceptional. They are the delight of a traveler in Sapa, Vietnam and anyone who has been there has not stopped talking about these rolls filled with crunchy vegetables and dipped in delicious peanut sauce. The filling may also contain a mixture of pork, noodles and shrimp. Despite being unhealthy due to excess oil, they are highly irresistible.