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If you are traveling to Ooty alone and wondering how to have a pleasant time, then we have you covered with this single traveler guide. From accommodation, resturants, and sightseeing to the most exhilarating places, camping and safari rides, these are all the inside tips you need to make your stay memorable and to find an independent adventure in one of the famous hill stations, yes Not only for oily honeymoon couples, it is also for solo travelers :)

Leaf - Scout fall
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Ooty Solo Tour

  1. Where to live

Choose from the list, you have different options for accommodation, basic hotel room costs start from Rs 600 to Rs 2500. Dozens of hotels provide great amenities, each with its own style and services.

2 Star Hotel - Budget Hotel - Rs 900

3 Star Hotel - Deluxe Hotel - Rs 1500

4-Star Hotel - Luxury Hotel - Rs 2500 Eco-Friendly Hotel - Camping Hotel - Rs 2000

Please check the convenience of each property before checking in at the hotel, some offer complimentary breakfast, some also provide dinner. For foreigners - Please check with the hotel whether they have received permission from the government to accommodate foreigners, its strict rules to maintain certain criteria to accommodate foreigners, not all hotels in Ooty accommodate foreigners can do.

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2 things to do in Ooty Solo?

With so many things to do in Ooty, we have chosen our top 5 experiences that you should not miss when you come to Ooty.

1. Ooty Local Sighting - You can complete a day tour, doddabetta, boating, garden (botanical garden or rose garden). You can hire a private bike to visit all these places, which will not cost more than Rs 1000 including a bike with petrol and sightseeing entry fee.

2. Pykara - Waterfalls, and valley view, to name a few shooting spots, Pykara waterfalls and lakes for boating, pine forests. You can take advantage of tribal trekking, but for safe trekking, you have to join some group.

3. Coonoor - Morning Ooty Heritage Train Tour, Madras Regiment (MRC) Military Complex Tour, Dolphin's Nose Tour and Lamp Rock also known as Suicidal Valley, Tea Plantation Tour Take some selfie and make the day memorable

4. Mudumalai - Mudumalai Forest Safari, you can take advantage of the early morning for Mudumalai, imagine crossing all dangerous roads with animals on both sides before sunrise, chilled on the road with frozen Ooty climate. Morning bed tea on Hui road. Getting ready for a morning breakfast at the roadside hotel and the first safari ride inside the forest in a government vehicle, the safari ride will be 45 minutes deep inside the jungle animals (if you are lucky :), and check the post or Ooty for lunch to come back

5 Avalanche - Have you heard of Bhavani water before, do you know from where Bhavani water originates, yes you will see Upper Bhavani as a water cradle, crossing an ancient temple called Lakkari Mandir, you can pick up cabbage Will visit the forest, Toda Hut and more in the avalanche

Nature's Gift
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3 How safe is Ooty?

Ooty is a safe place unless you bring outsiders in the name of the guide. got confused!. Seek help from the Ooty locale, but not from outsiders like Coimbatore, Bangalore, where they usually don't know much about Ooty, but pretend to be, there are some accommodations where you will be annoyed, make sure you Please read the review before checking.

You have ATMs of all banks in Ooty, so avoid bringing cash to the wallet, many sellers accept digital payments. Use a swipe machine, there is always less cash in the wallet. Beware of Moneki in a tourist spot, they steal many more than humans :), especially near the approach to the valley when you keep things open in cabs in dashboards and windows. There are plenty of vendors that hire cabs, some provide cab services, some say the cost is low and they charge you a parking fee, a driver lunch and more once you get into the taxi, so confirming the cab First, be clear with them, the agent initially gets low cost and money after going inside the cab. Unlike torture, many men and women opt for sole travel. True, some love sightseeing by yourself. However, many people choose to go their own way, simply because they have no partner to support them at that time. Whatever it is, if you are a solo traveler, make sure that your personal safety is never endangered. The suggestions given below should come in handy at the right time, whether you are a man from India or abroad.

4 Plan Ahead

Wouldn't it be nice to know that boarding and lodging are all fixed, along with easily available transportation? Of course, it will provide you with amazing peace of mind. Many hotels, motels, lodges or hostels facilitate the transportation of new arrivals from the airport, bus station or railway station.

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5 Accomodation Safety

It is important that when booking your accommodation, do not keep costs above everything else. True, you cannot go for such luxury things that you can do well without, because you want to spend your limited budget on essential items, gifts, etc. However, you should also pay attention to things like transportation and food availability, comfort, safety. , Safe drinking water, medical facilities, etc. Then, it is essential that you keep your room door / room closed at all times when you are inside. There is a safety chain in place. Above all, don't go for a room on the ground floor, or something at the end of the corridor.

6 Keep your people informed

Nowadays the market is flooded with all types of gadgets, it should not be very difficult to keep in touch with family members, friends, etc. Smart phones offer the option of GPS tracking, online maps, etc., if you have arrived. In a certain place, such as Ooty, for example, from elsewhere, you may have to spend heavily on roaming charges.

The simplest option would be to rent a phone, or have a local data card. Tell your loved ones or close friends about your daily schedule. Even your hotel manager had a better idea of ​​your whereabouts, as if he could help anyone looking for you. This is especially for the time being, when you plan to take a walk in the woods or parkland, all by yourself. Know the path, and follow it. Additionally, it should help if you should be familiar with some basic words and phrases in the local language. For example, learn to ask for directions, say thanks and please, etc. Finally, when hiring taxis, taxis, etc., seek the help of experienced people.

7 to be alone

Now, do not go overboard with the desire to prove that you are a brave and bold traveler! This means carrying a bag on the streets alone at night, or publicly showing an MP3 player / iPod, affects the perception that you are an easy target. Also, when you are busy listening to music, you stop other sounds happening in the surrounding area. Will you be able to feel even the slightest danger? Then, if you are a woman, follow a certain dress code. Note that all countries have their own cultural and religious beliefs.

Even in India, various states follow certain practices. You do not want to stand out in a crowd, and attract attention through your generous attitude or foreign behavior. In fact, it would be best to make some new friends soon after arriving at your destination. There should be solo travelers or groups like yourself that you can trust, especially if everyone is following the same sightseeing plan. No, you don't have to be with your colleagues all the time, especially during the day. However, whenever it is necessary, follow the adage that there is safety in numbers. For tour guides, rely on experienced locals and do not hire strangers. Finally, whenever you book transportation, pay attention to the license number. If you want, take photos too, without bothering about hurting the driver's feelings! Your personal safety should always take precedence. To do yoga, ly learn to be clever 'alone', without a doubt!

8 money, documents and valuables

With ATMs and digital payments being one of the easiest options of all places, you don't need much nestling inside your purse or wallet. In case, you are from abroad, it is possible to exchange money in some banks. Even small quantities that you are carrying must be delivered. Hide some notes on your person, some in your wallet / purse and some in your travel bag. Keep the credit / debit card hidden too. For valuables, do you really need someone while traveling? In case, you brought something to wear to social gatherings, request the hotel to keep it safe in your locker.