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Manali Travel Guide

Manali is one of the oldest cities in the Kullu Valley. Right from the hustle-bustle of Mall Road, the place is surrounded all around with an aura of romance everywhere, with traditional, foreigners dominating the old Manali from the Manu temple to the jungle / villages around / beyond the path leading to the Manu temple. Were. It can easily be called one of the romantic sites of India. Hadimba Devi runs the city of Manali and is the center of worship for people living in Manali. The mighty goddess also controls the lofty mountains with a raw nature, and it is only after her permission that anyone can enjoy this beautiful place. When people think of Manali, the second keyword that comes up is, of course, the Rohtang Pass, which is no doubt an important place to visit if you visit Manali.

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2 How is the Manali Weather

The weather in Manali offers a variety of views throughout the year. If you like cold weather and snow, you can enjoy winter from November to February. However, you can experience the nice and pleasant Manali season in summers from March to October. I suggest that you avoid traveling to Manali during the monsoon month, late July to August and some part of September nowadays. Landslides and flooding are common on the Delhi-Manali highway during monsoon times. You don't want to get stuck in the middle of it. Though rain is experienced in July-August, but when it rains, this place is unique again Therefore, the best time to visit Manali is from March to June when summer is burning the low land of northern India. Then it is also a good time to visit during the autumn season from mid-September to the end of October. However, during the Dussehra festival, the Kullu region gets very crowded. If you are fond of snow or snowfall, then travel to Manali from late December to March to enjoy snow in Manali, Rohtang Pass or Solang Valley. You can also see snowfall in January and February depending on the weather at the time of travel. There is no doubt that it is one of the top places to see snowfall near Delhi in Himachal.

3 What is the best time to visit Manali

April to June is the best time to visit Manali, but keep in mind that in the summer (April-June), people from most of the northern parts of India invade this place like anything and in the evening on the Mall Road Seeing can cause severe tremors. your head. It is almost at the trade fair of Pragati Maidan, Delhi But if you enjoy it, then it is a wonderful time to visit Manali. In addition, you can take shelter in such old cases in Old Manali, which is far away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd (more). From housing to food to shopping to taxi / auto fares, everything is expensive in the Himalayan summer holidays of this peak season. If you are looking for adventure sports, December to February season is the best time for skiing and rafting from May to September would be good. For all of you who want to go paragliding in Manali, it always depends on the weather on the present day of the year.

4 What about honeymoon in Manali?

For honeymoon, if you get married in winter, the time from November to February is the best time to be in Manali. It is one of the places where you can easily get snow in the winter months. You get the added benefit of heavy discounts, topped with a low number of tourists in the off season. Finally, you get to see similar love birds in the areas of Manali and Solang Valley. Therefore, without any doubt, Manali comes in my list of best honeymoon places in Himachal.

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5 What time to save?

Mainly avoid the Durga Puja holidays in October, when the crowds again peak, and people flood into anything like the Kullu Manali cities. It is also the time for the Dussehra festival in the Kullu valley, with the valley also being subjected to heavy tourist crowds. In addition, HPTDC is off-season during the monsoons and winters (usually mid-November to February), when they offer a 30% discount on their services.

6 How to reach Manali from Delhi

Manali is well connected by road to the national highways of Delhi. You will get adequate transport from Delhi to Manali or Chandigarh to Manali along with public transport. Let us consider the various options of traveling to Manali by road.

By air

Bhuntar, the nearest airport to Manali, is about 50 km away. From Bhuntar-Kullu, you can hire a taxi to reach Manali in about 90 minutes. The fare of a taxi can be 1000 rupees - 1200 rupees, which depends on the skill of the bargain as well as the time of the season.

by train

Chandigarh is the nearest railway station from where it will take around 9 hours to reach Manali by bus or car. Apart from this, Joginder Nagar railway station near Mandi can be considered as the nearest. However, this connectivity to remote locations in India may be limited.

The Mall/Mall Road, Manali, It is a place that serves you India and many continents with its Human Books garnished with the beautiful landscapes, here nature makes you feel, that nature is the essence of beauty, life, survival, serenity, peace, happiness, and joy.
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7 road conditions from Delhi to Manali

Roads from Delhi to Manali run on NH-21 and NH-1 highways and are becoming highways in a very spectacular way. Throughout the passage, there are one or two rough patches so that you never lose your concentration. In particular, the drive from Kiratpur to Sundar Nagar is terrible, with crazy trucks plying on the road on both sides, which slows you down a lot. The route from Chandigarh to Rupnagar is also a bit bad, but the rest of the road conditions are pure to drive. For updated road conditions from Delhi to Manali, please see the WW Community Thread: Delhi - Manali Road Status. Favorite vehicle The best way is to take your car / bike and bump into the road as the vehicle does not have any such special features, be it 2X2 or 4X4. You can take it as long as its engine runs and fuel is present

8 An alternate route from Delhi to Manali

NH-21 to Manali, ie regular route via Manali - Chandigarh highway, mostly from Kiratpur Sahib to Bilaspur is in a pathetic condition. Queues of slow-moving trucks, chaotic overtaking of these overload trucks, and deep pit-shaped pits all around at a stretch of about 70 km. Traveling becomes so tiring and frustrating ... For some time, when I went from Delhi to Tirthan Valley,

we took the route Kiratpur Sahib> Anandpur Sahib> Nangal> Una> Then turn right towards Bhota> Turn right again towards Jahu> at T-Point, turn left towards Ner Chowk. As soon as you lose a few hours, do not go towards Sundar Nagar.

It is a slightly longer route, perhaps 55–60 km, but the time difference is only about 40–45 minutes. However, the roads are super smooth all the way except for the final average roads of 25 kilometers up to Ner Chowk after Jahu. This protects you from all the frustration and risks of accidents. Therefore, better avoid NH-21 route and take this route via Una-Bhota to Manali or Himachal to Mandi.