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Manali is widely known as the adventure capital of India, not only for beautiful treks but you'll also get to experience amazing bike rides, paragliding, and Jeep Safaris. Manali trekking places include High altitude treks like Dev Tibba, Hampta pass, and Beas Kund that all start from Manali. I still remember when I first went to trek in Manali, it was crazy out there with all the buses during vacation time. The State was full of people holding their travel bags and seeking a place to spend their holiday.

1. Humpta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass trek is without doubt a highlight trek in Himachal. The trek fills your soul from lush green forests to velvety touch mountains. An extraordinary trek that starts from Manali and takes you through the Kullu valley to the Spiti valley. This is the most spectacular experience of trekking Kullu Manali.

Ideal duration: 5-6 days

Maximum height: 14,100 feet

Starting Point: Manali

Endpoint: Chatru

Difficulty Level: Medium

2. Beas Kund Trek

Reaching very high altitudes in a very short time makes Beas Kund a very special place for trekkers. When I went to Beas with a lot of my friends, I came to know that this trek requires a winter kit from the base camp itself. There are about 4-5 peaks around the Beacartech Campsite of Beas and there are also beautiful Star Saras nights.

Morning sunshine volcano
Photo by Eddi Aguirre / Unsplash

Model duration: 3 days

Maximum height: 12,100 feet

Starting Point: Solang Valley

Endpoint: Beas Kund Difficulty

Level: Medium

3. Bhirgu Lake Trek

Locals say that the saints used to sit for deep meditation near the lake Bhirag. It is believed that many gods of the valley take a dip in the lake water making it a holy place. Bhirgu lake attracts early trekkers due to its scenic view.

Model duration: 3 days

Maximum height: 14,000 feet

Starting Point: Manali

Ending point: Bhirgu lake

Difficulty Level: Medium

4. Dev Dunes Trek

The Dev Tibba trek starts at Jagatsukh (Manali) and takes you through many mornings, wild jungles, and steep climbs. The Dev Dunes Base Camp Trek is one of the most picturesque treks in the Himachal region that offers landscapes ranging from alpine forests, plains and the high-altitude lake Chhota Chandratal, situated around Mt. God dune. This six-day trek takes you through camps such as Chikka, Sehri and Tenuts which give you the most varied and beautiful landscape each day. You can also see snow-capped peaks like Dev Tibba (6001 m) and Indrasana (6220 m).

Model duration: 3 days

Maximum height: 14,000 feet

Starting Point: Manali

Endpoint: Dev Dunes

Difficulty Level: Medium

5. Sir Pass

The head pass trek begins with beautiful pine trees hovering towards you. The Parvati Valley is already home to many animals and flora, similarly it is an adventure destination for trekkers. The interesting fact about this trek is that you may like to do it both in summer and winter as it has completed various appeals when the seasons change.

Ideal duration: 4-5 days

Maximum height: 14,000 feet

Starting Point: Kasol

Endpoint: Kasol

Difficulty Level: Medium

6. Chandrakhani Pass

Trek Fog streaks? Then Chandrakhani pass trek is something that you want to do once in your life. The trek has a steep climb to a height that is considered moderate but it becomes difficult when you carry a bag of 50-70L. The trek offers thrills along with a full enchanting view. I went on a trek to Chandrakhani Pass with a friend along with a local guide. It was an experience of a lifetime as we left behind no marks independently. We had our camping set and packed food. Believing in cooking your own food at sub-zero is a whole other level of experience.

Model duration: 3 days

Maximum height: 12,000 feet

Starting Point: Naggar, Manali

Endpoint: Naggar, Manali

Difficulty Level: Medium

7. Queen Sui Lake Trek

The new and unexplored lake near Manali has been known among explorers recently, offering beautiful landscapes in the trek campsite area. If you are a fast walker, you can complete a trip to the lake in a day. Starting from Vashistha you will reach Lamdug where you will have water, food and shelter. As you climb above Lama Dug, you will see peaks such as Indrasana and Dev Tibba. Traveling in November makes the trek more visible by mixing fresh landed snow with grass. After reaching Khanpari Dunes, you can place Rani Sui Lake among the mountains, which is an easy but hiking trail from there.

8. Miyar Valley Trek

The Miyar valley is connected to Zanskar by an ancient trekking route from Kang La (5,468 m) which is a trek for the more experienced trekkers. But we are going on this trek towards Miyar valley. A walk along the winding Miyar Nala is a reward for experienced trekkers and beginners. Walking is slow and the gradient is gentle. Slow elevation makes this trek ideal for everyone - beginners and experienced trekkers. The awards are some of the most active camps, bouldering fields for the more active and clear emerald lakes to name a few. If there was a perfect trek away from the crowds and madness, Miyar Valley is the one!

Model duration: 8 days

Maximum height: 14,598 feet

Starting Point: Udaipur Village

Ending point: Udaipur village

Difficulty Level: Medium