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Kandy is a large city in the center of Sri Lanka which really attracts the beauty, romanticism and charm of this exciting country.

Situated amidst tea plantations and surrounded by mountains, Kandy has increasingly become a hot spot for tourists eager to explore Sri Lanka.

Candy is also a great place for unique and original photos, so we've found the 7 most Instagrammable spots for you ...

Bahirwakand Vihar Buddha Statue
The statue was built in 1972 and is the largest of all Buddha statues in Sri Lanka at 88 feet high. The best time to visit is at night when the statue is lit beautifully.

Take a train ride from Kandy to Ella
So you would technically have to give up candy for this but it is better to plan your trip around it. The Kandy-Ella train trip is one of the most stunning and Instagrammable train trips in the world.

Udavattakale Forest Reserve
The forest, with over 100 hectares, has a rich history (it was beloved by the old kings of Kandy). A wonderful place to take in nature, learn about the native animals that live here and have some great breakfast.

Kandy House
One of those classically stylish hotels you walk into and wonder, could life be better than this? The perfect place to indulge in some high-level relaxation, eat great local food and a central base to see all the sights in Kandy.

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Shri Dalda Maligawa
It is also known as the "Temple of the Sacred Tooth", as it bears a tooth belonging to the Buddha. A busy place during the day, but there are some amazing photo opportunities. Pro tip: if you arrive early in the morning it is a bit more peaceful.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Paradenia
These magnificent gardens are known for a large orchid collection. With many botanical gardens around the world, it is a great place to relax in peace and grab the amazing visual Instagram snap.

Kandy lake
A tranquil man-made lake which is a lovely spot for an evening stroll, or for those wanting to exercise a little after the heat subsides. Kandy Lake is also a great place to hang out with friends.

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