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Although we believe that every day should be a day full of love and care, Valentine's Day is specifically designated for love - and is a special template of society, as is the day to celebrate.

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A romantic dinner can be fancy with a gift somewhere and a movie date can feel a bit repetitive to end the night. Bored of mainstream Valentine's Day? No need to think any more! Read on for a list of 6 fun things you can try with your SO for a good change.

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1. Theme park - Get your adrenaline rushing and get your love on

Instead of wearing all the sleek and nice clothes for a fancy dinner, you prefer to visit your favorite theme park - or even better, a theme park you've never been to before. Get up and enjoy the ride to release your daily stresses!

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2. Zoo - Some Q time surrounded by exotic animals

Animals can be quite calm eyesight, and are like natural happy pills. Also, most often, women have a soft spot for cute and cuddly animals. Try this idea and maybe even spend a night at the zoo's hotel facility to end the day.

Pallet table with food and place settings
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3. Picnic - At the park or a wondrous hill

When you dine in fancy restaurants you are surrounded by social expectations. No matter how expensive the place is, your privacy is still limited and does not determine how much quality time you will get. Take a walk and picnic in that nice park with a view of beautiful scenery with your favorite person.

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4. Drive around - Mindless driving and enjoy surrounding views

Drive around and get lost somewhere together (preferably in a safe area), trembling to the tunes of your favorite pair. Stop after a random coffee shop, and a restaurant together. Seems like a simple but romantic plan for us!

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5. Couple's spa - Self-treatment for the both of you

Book yourself for a day at the spa and relax together at a couple's spa. You'll be in the process together for some Zen bonding time and feel refreshed and fine after a mind, body and soul healing session. After all, couples living together ... spa together!

A sunset glance
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6. Do a photo shoot together

If you are used to taking selfies together or just weirdly a random passerby taking one or two photos of you, then it is really time for you to consider doing a professional photo shoot together. TRAVOGRAPHER can capture those beautiful moments with your boo on love day.

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