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A Southeast Asian country which takes you through noisy yet vibrant cities, floating villages, rolling paddy hills and huge limestone karsts. The best way to explore true Vietnamese culture is by hiring a scooter and joining the thousand other motorbikers in this bustling country! In Vietnam you can experience both the contrasts – the lively urban jungle and the sleepy, peaceful countryside. Once a war-torn country, stands tall today and boasts of its rich history, culture, stunning landscapes, French architecture and beautiful coasts.

Here’s our list of must-do’s and places you must-visit when in Vietnam –

1. Hanoi

Above the fast-moving city of Saigon, Vietnam. Please consider adding credit to the link in my bio :-).
Photo by Mike Swigunski / Unsplash

The buzzing capital city of Hanoi, built around the serene HoanKiem Lake, can be best described with words such as Vietnamese street food, crazy road crossing and a train track squeezed into narrow lanes with houses on either side!! However, you somehow just fall in love with the loudness, energy and vibrancy of the city. While in Hanoi, opt for a motorbike tour to visit the backstreets, authentic marketplaces and ofcourse the 2000 year old part of the city – the Old Quarter. Apart from this, explore one of the many cafes in the city and sip on the infamous Vietnamese egg coffee while watching a train whiz past you, right outside the café door!

2. Rice field Trek, Sapa

The Sapa Valley is a luscious green town with terraced rice fields along its rolling hills. When in Sapa, put on your trekking shoes and hike your way to the top of Fansipan Mountain, from where you can treat your eyes with the breathtaking scenery of the underlying green, terraced paddy fields! If trekking is too much, opt for the 15 minute cable car ride. On your way back, don’t forget to take a dip in the stunning Love waterfall!

3. Ha Long Bay

Thousands of limestone karsts, peeking out of the calm emerald waters is Ha Long Bay-a UNESCO site! The best way to explore this natural beauty is by booking a cruise or kayaking in the jade green waters. Explore the huge limestone caves, kayak from under giant limestone arches, dive in with the fishes and even visit the colorful floating villages!

4. Tam Coc, NinhBinh

Known as ‘Ha Long Bay of Land’ because of the numerous humongous limestone karsts on flat land! Cycle through the quiet lanes of Tam Coc village and soak in the beauty of the rice fields. On other days, explore the grandiose and majesty of limestone caves and the cave temples of Bich Dong Pagoda.

5. PhongNha

The adventure capital of Vietnam! All the thrill seekers, this is your paradise! Choose to kayak down rapids or hike along wild trails in the Vietnamese forests! The other major interest is exploring the marvelous limestone caves – either opt for a day trip on a boat that takes you through the cave or get extremely adventurous and sign up for a 2 or 3 day cave expedition all with climbing, abseiling, camping and swimming in underground rivers!

6. Hoi An

Beautiful lantern lit streets, French architecture and romantic walks along the riverside brings you to the charming and colloquial town of Hoi An! Take a ride in a traditional Vietnamese basket boat and later, head out to explore the historic Quan Cong Pagoda Temple during the day and the iconic Japanese Bridge at night to witness its beauty as it is lit up!

7. PhuQuoc

In the far southwest of Vietnam is a white sand - glistening emerald water - beachy paradise island of PhuQuoc! Find a spot under one of the numerous palm trees or lounge in a hammock. The perfect place to lie back, relax and review your expansive Vietnamese travel!

Photo by Andreea Popa / Unsplash

A visit to Vietnam is a soul - enriching experience that will make you fall in love with its beauty, culture, cuisine and exuberance, just like we did. Do hire a travel photographer from Travographer who can capture your memorable Vietnamese travel!