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Photo by Ravigopal Kesari / Unsplash

Andaman beaches Home to some of the best beaches in Asia, Andaman and Nicobar Islands makes a holiday dream come true. The island paradise is blessed with tropical forests and picturesque white sand beaches, which allow you to enjoy the picture-perfect sunset away from the crowds. The water emerald exhibits some amazing shades of green. Coral and marine life provides a beautiful underwater adventure. Waterfalls add thrill. Seafood ensures that your taste buds last the entire time.

But do you know that there are a total of 572 islands in the archipelago, out of which only 38 are inhabited permanently. Each of these has an amazing coastline. Some are crowded for water sports. Others are popular with tourists and hence you can expect to run in a crowd here as well. But there are some gems that are a little away from the crowd and give you the privacy you need. In our first three-part series, we review the 10 beaches of Andaman for you and what is special about them

1 Elephant beach

Known for its beauty, Elephant Beach is located in the far corner of Havelock Island. If you are going to Havelock then it is a journey, especially since it lasts 20 minutes from the dock. It is just the perfect place to get in the water and take a walk. Or you can also do snorkeling or scuba dive. Beach Trip Advisor receives a 4.5 rating. Don't go to the beach expecting to do a lot of beach things'. It is one of the Andaman beaches where it is just great for relaxing and relaxing.

2 Guitar Island & Beach

A marvel of nature, an aerial view of the island shows you a guitar shaped island. Strangely, this foreign island is out of the ordinary tourist itinerary and one of the least known islands. This is probably because there is not much to do here except enjoy the beautiful beach and the beautiful view of the sea under the shade of coconut trees. The island is near Long Island and will take about 15 minutes. To get there you have to take a 'Duggi' or local boat. When you have done this, you have a small winding section of the beach (mostly) to yourself. Here you can hear the sound of silence and your heartbeat - where you can hear your thoughts and fall in peace with the universe. It is often one of the top 10 beautiful beaches of Andaman.

Interesting Fact: Apart from Guitar Island there is a small island called Miniature Guitar Island because it is the size of a guitar! During low tide, the islands are often joined by narrow sand bars.

3 Red Skin Island Beach

Red skin is usually not the first choice for both tourists and locals. Jolly Buoy, which is close to it, is a favorite tourist hotspot. The only reason you can end up on red skin is if the weather is stormy and the Jolly Buoy is far out of reach. This is not your typical Andaman beach with a vast stretch of sand and blue water. It is like a mangrove extension with a very narrow beach strip. If there is a crowd, you do not have a lot of space to move. The island is beautiful, nevertheless, and the coral scenery is also good.

Photo by Smit Shah / Unsplash

4 chidiatpu beach

Chidiatapu, located at the southernmost end of South Andaman, about 30 km from Port Blair, is also known as 'Nightfall Point' or 'Flying Creature Island'. This is where you should go to catch a gorgeous sunset. The name Chidiatapu comes from the fact that you can see around 50 endemic birds here during the morning and evening. Also, if you like raising shells, you are bound to find your treasure here. From the trees clinging to the sea to the sunset behind the hills, this is a beach you simply must not miss. It is one of the best beaches in Andaman for bird watching.

5 Badalu

Beach Unlike the general tourist crowd, Badabalu stands out from the traditional Andaman beaches. The sand is brown and the water is a cool shade of blue. The beach, however, is cut off from the crowds of tourists - perhaps because it lacks easy access and at the same time has no facilities for visitors. Lack of congestion is not always a good thing. It is good to know someone here and there that you are still in touch with civilization and in case of emergency there is just someone around.

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Photo by Siddhesh Rao / Unsplash

6 Little Andaman

Beach Located 88 km from Port Blair, it is the fourth largest center of the Andaman Islands. You can go for a boat ride between the creek, viewing corals and even an elephant safari. Surf waterfall and Whisper wave waterfall are also accessible from the island