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Sheikh Zayed Rd
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#1 Grab a Go Dubai card with no second thought

The Go Dubai card is the best investment you can make to reach Dubai. This card allows you to save on entry rates to many of Dubai's top attractions. The card currently includes Burj Khalifa, Dubai sightseeing, and many other activities that would otherwise have cost you dearly. Read all about creating a money saving itinerary using the Go Dubai card

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# 2 let your belongings be

Dubai is one of the safest cities. The government administers the city with an iron fist and as such, the rate of crime is negligible. So you can stop worrying about your luggage and enjoy the sights and attractions of the city.

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# 3 Get to know Dubai Airport well

Suitably, Dubai International Airport is huge in every sense. It will take you a long time to get from one part of the airport to another. Do not plan any activities immediately after arrival. Also, get off to the airport well in advance to board your flight. Here you have to know about the airport transfer to Dubai.

# 4 Dubai is not as conservative as you think

Dubai Travel Tips - First Timer You must have heard the terrible stories of foreigners for PDAs, public inebriation and homosexuality. All told, Dubai is more liberal than most Islamic countries. There are no concrete laws in Dubai that prohibit anyone from wearing any type of clothing but being a country with conservative values, it is better and respectful to wear clothes that cover the shoulders and knees. Nightlife is happening and you will find expats and tourists drinking and candling at many bars and clubs in the city. Dubai also has a healthy gay community! As long as you are free from cultural insensitivity, you are good to go to Dubai.

# 5 Inquire about your medicines

There are some substances that may be legal in your country but are prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. The most notable among them are drugs containing codeine or opium content. Visit your doctor first to know the composition of your medicines and change your prescription if necessary.

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# 6 Limit your liquor to the bar and indoors

The UAE, being an Islamic nation, closely follows the decrees set by religion. Liquor is not permitted outside licensed restaurants and bars. You may not appear publicly inebriated. Many types of drugs are also illegal in Dubai and their use is a punishable offense. Even electronic cigarettes are confiscated when they arrive.

# 7 Check the calendar for Islamic events

During Islamic holidays such as Eid, Ramadan etc., most events in the city are thin and limited. This may also affect the transport system within the city. In special cases, such as during the holy month of Ramadan, food and drinks are not available before sunset. Plan your travel and daily sightseeing with these.

# 8 Don't forget to visit the spa

Many people do not know Dubai for its spa, but once you visit one of the spas in the city, you will know why this point exists. Luxury hotels in Dubai have these spas which will change your opinion of the spa forever. You can miss beauty clinics in malls. Check out the top rated spas in Dubai

# 9 Mall has a lot more than Dubai shops

While malls are mostly marked as places to grab some food and shop, Dubai's malls are beyond this limited recognition. Most malls have gaming zones, ski slopes, aquariums or something that is definitely sticking around. Also, if you think that shopping in Dubai Mall will be a regular experience, then you are wrong. Here is all that you can do in Dubai Mall and all this can be done using Dubai Big Ticket.

# 10 Remove your interruptions while eating out

Probably the biggest issue that most people face when traveling to another country for the first time is getting addicted to food. In Dubai, being conservative while taking your food can only mean that you are losing. Apart from delicious local cuisine, Iranian, Filipino, Yemeni, Bangladeshi, Ethiopian, Pakistani, Afghan food is also served in the city to name a few.

Now that you know what to avoid, visit this page to get an idea of things to do in Dubai.