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Malaysia is often called a melting pot of culture, and it is due to this characteristic that the country has gained a lot of tourism potential. This southeastern country is filled with many activities that can leave the visitor in awe. The possession of magnificent architecture from its history to both ancient and modern; Nightlife to ancient and surreal beaches and islands that offer incredible adventure activities; And from amazing amusement parks to wildlife-rich national parks, Malaysia has a lot of fun and exoticism and certainly an experience that one can never forget.

1 Langkawi

Dubbed Tropical Paradise, Langkawi can be the dream holiday destination of any beach lover. Langkawi is an archipelago with 99 islands that has retained its natural status despite being a fair about resorts, restaurants and spa centers to fulfill the holiday of tourists' dreams. Known mostly for its pristine beaches, a cozy atmosphere and a dense forest cover, these islands are perfect for enjoying an unforgettable holiday in Malaysia.

2 Cameron Highlands

For mountain goats, there are Cameroon highlands in Malaysia that can offer a vacation experience unlike any other. This is true, even for a time in Malaysia, you can never think of going to a real destination while the emerald green hills and huge farms wait to make your vacation in Malaysia the most amazing. The Cameron Highlands mainly consist of the Tringcap, Brinchang, Tanah Rata and Ringlet areas, and each of which offers an incredible opportunity to walk on some picturesque trails, some sipping tea in parades and enjoying a full cup of tea. Kind of relax.

3 Perthian Islands

The islands are known for their nightlife and lots of waterfront, and yes a crowd of young backpackers. So, if you are considering a budget Malaysia tour, then the island of Perthian is the right place. There are plenty to enjoy underwater activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, and may even try water sports like sea-kayaking. In addition, in the Perthian Islands one not only gets to see sea turtles, but also volunteers to protect and conserve them. Those who enjoy hiking offer some great opportunities for island jungle trekking and see large monitor lizards and large spiders between Long Beach and Coral Bay. You can invite yourself to a beach party at Bubu Long Beach Resort to hang out with other travelers and watch the performances from the locals.

4 Tioman Island

This 20-kilometer-long and 11-kilometer-wide island of Tioman is the best example of what a happening island life is. This paradise for travelers is full of adventure and leisure activities, which forces the island to be called one of the best places to see in Malaysia. Situated in the South China Sea, the island of Tioman has teal waters, breathtaking waterfalls, lush green forests and orange flowers. The island is perfect for enjoying activities such as snorkeling, diving, sailing as well as paddling. One can also enjoy the life of a prosperous village on the island.

5 Taman Negara

If you are craving to explore a rainforest, Taman Negara is your destination in Malaysia. It is a national park that is believed to protect the tropical rainforest that is 130 million years old. The park offers a boardwalk circuit (about 100 kilometers) that passes through the longest ropeway in the world. During your hard walking tour, you are expected to have the opportunity to see some of the wildest wildlife and some inside the lives of some indigenous tribes. Taman Negara is home to animals such as Malay tigers, crab-eating macaques, Malay gaur (Seladung) and Indian elephants; And birds such as the great argus, the red jungle jungle and the rare Malayan peacock.

6 Gunung Mulu National Park

Another best place in Malaysia to fulfill your dream of exploring a tropical rainforest is Gunung Mulu National Park. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, GMNP is located in Borneo and is home to 3500 species of vascular plants and an extraordinary 109 species of palm. The eye-catching caves in the national park are 295 kilometers long, reflecting the geological history of over 1.5 million years. The Sarawak Chamber, which is 600 meters by 415 meters and 80 meters high, is the largest known cave chamber in the world and is located in Gunung Mulu National Park. In addition, the valleys, wooded rivers, rainforest-covered mountains, and limestone peaks all add to the beauty of what a national park in Malaysia is a must see.

7 Kuala Lumpur

It is here in Kuala Lumpur that you get to see the best of Malaysia. Even though, the city is influenced by modernity, it did manage to retain the rustic charm. When we talk about KL, we should think about its luxurious food, skyscrapers, shopping malls and markets, vibrant nightlife and of course the Petronas Twin Towers.

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