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1. White Beach, Boracay

There is no shortage of pristine beaches in the Philippines, but if you are looking for a more active beach scene, one of the best places to visit is White Beach which is in Boracay. It is the most populated beach on the island but where you will get ample opportunities for boating and other water sports. There are lots of chairs and hammocks under the palm trees, so that you can relax and enjoy the pure white sand. You can also massage the beach. Snorkeling is a popular activity on White Beach, but if you don't want to get so used to it, take a banana boat ride or book a trip on a glass boat.

2. Manila

Historical Tourism Trips Manila is an exciting and vibrant city that is a thriving metropolis surrounded by centuries-old church and colonial history. It is easy to get around Manila, or go on a guided tourist trip to the oldest district, Intrumros or walled city, where you will find the most important tourist attractions and important sites and monuments. This will give you a better appreciation for Manila. You can see the famous San Agustin Church and monuments in Rizal Park and Fort Santiago, each making a significant impact on Manila which is best shared by a guide. Some tours are offered by coaches, and others are available as walking or biking tours around the city. After your tour, stop at one of the local restaurants for lunch and enjoy the modern Manila, as you see colorful jeepneys flying along the streets.

3. Shipwreck Diving, Koren

Submerged ships are some of the best diving spots in the world to explore on the island of Sangat in Coron. The wrecks are at various depths that are suitable for both deep water scuba divers and shallow water snorkeling. Many of the WWII ships have become habitats for diverse species of fish. Clear water makes for easy viewing of ship and underwater wildlife. Many ships are from an attack on the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1944. Deep divers would like to see the Akutishima Maru battleship, Iraqo Maru and Kyokuzan Maru. There are many ships to explore that you can consider staying for several days. A resort like Sangat Island Dive Resort caters to divers who stay for several days, and is a five-minute boat ride to many live sites. If you are new to the island, you can consider booking a dive or snorkel trip that can take you to the best places.

4. Mayon Volcano, Albay

The Mayon Volcano in Albay Province on the island of Luzon is a must see in the Philippines. It is an active stratovolcano with an elevation of over 2,400 meters. Mayon Volcano has an ideal conical peak. Most visitors will want to enjoy the volcano by watching it from the ground. Nature tracks surround the volcano in the grounds of the National Park, where you can also see wildlife such as pockets and other birds. Extreme hikers can apply for a permit to climb the volcano, but it is a difficult trek through the forest, and dangerous gases are emitted near the summit, so caution is advised. The ideal time to visit is March through the rainy season outside. To get here you can take an organized trip from Manila.

5. Chocolate Hills, Bohl

The geological wonder on the island of Bohol, known as the Chocolate Hills, is a unique natural phenomenon. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a protected area with more than 1,200 small mountains that have risen above the ground over many centuries. This area was once under the sea, and these unique hills are wide in every direction. They are green most of the year, but during the dry season, they change to a chocolate-brown color, thus the name, Chocolate Hills. A convenient route leads to the top of the lookout area, providing the best view. Be sure to observe many delicate flowers along the walkway that are unique to the region.

6. Underground River Tour, Puerto Princesa

One of the most awe-inspiring things in the Philippines is to visit the river, the Underground River in Purita Princesa. The underground river on Palawan Island is inside the Subtranian River National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A boat tour takes you to experience the majestic five miles of river running down from the ground. The journey takes you through an intricate cave system surrounded by vertical limestone cliffs.