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If I call Vietnam a land of amazing beauty, it will not be an exaggeration, because it is 100 percent true. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country on the South China Sea, known for its pristine beaches, magnificent rivers and exquisite Buddhist pagodas. Yes, there are bustling cities and places that you may not consider cute but Vietnam is definitely more than that. A trip to this country is a thrill in itself. Finding new, beautiful beaches every time; Taste a new experience with the best seafood buds; Lonely mountains ride; Seeing the silhouette of a city like Ho Chi Minh from the sky bars and enjoying the rich wildlife on the islands are some of the experiences in Vietnam that might be lost in your memory. Vietnam is for everyone, whether it is a beach lover, a mountain goat, a leisurely seeker, a history buff or an adrenaline addict; It is an absolute destination that is getting better with each day. So, if you are wondering why on earth you have missed traveling to this country so far, our list of top places to travel in Vietnam makes you feel more pathetic!

1 Ha long bay

Ha Long Bay is probably the identifier of Vietnam. Ha Long Bay, located about 130 km east of Hanoi in northern Vietnam, is known for its aqua-green waters; A group of limestone rocky outcrops growing and lush green forest. The island is truly one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam and the most visited. One can find breathtaking caves and lakes. It is amazing to see that this island has been naturally processed so wonderfully for centuries. Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore Ha Long Bay.

2 Hanoi

Amidst the bustle of Hanoi, one can find a spirited and unmatched mix of history and modernity. Expect unusual peace in the temple of literature, peace of mind and soul in the One Pilar Pagoda, and a treat to taste the buds of the French Patidars. Hanoi is like an open-air museum of historical Asian and French colonial architecture that remains intact despite severe bombings during the Vietnam War. Everything from beautiful tree-lined bouquets to busy markets in Hanoi; The quaint café from the Grand Opera House and the President's Palace to St. Joseph's Cathedral has something interesting to tell visitors. The city is full of warmth and thus definitely a place to visit in Vietnam.

3 Hoi an

Hoi An, the magnificent and old city of Vietnam, is located in South Central Vietnam, not far from the coast of South China Sea. Hoi An boasts of its historical architecture, traditions and rich culture, which you can visit during the Champa Kingdom by wandering around the old city for over 2,000 years. Hoi An is also famous for making exquisite garments and is custom-made with clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs and much more selling through tailor shops. The old town of Hoi An is beautifully situated on the edges with their laid out views in the narrow and winding streets adorned with ancient architectural wooden houses. Hoi An is the perfect place to taste authentic Vietnamese street food. Even better, if you want to learn the art of cooking Vietnamese style, you can join a half-day cooking class.

4 Hue

Hue is the cultural capital of Vietnam, if I can put it that way. The city has been remodeled with temples, tombs, pagodas and palaces. Rich in culture, Hue is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the citadel, which was once the Emperor's private residence, and the forbidden purple city, where he housed his mistresses. The city sits quietly on the banks of the Perfume River and was once also served as the royal capital of the Nguyen dynasty. Glimpses of the glorious period are fully reflected in the architecture, culture and cuisine of the city, making it one of the best places in Vietnam. Another important site on the river is Thien Mu Pagoda, the city's official symbol.

5 Pa Sa

Pa is probably the perfect place in Vietnam. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, rice terraces, Sa Pa is a beautiful city often used as a base for trekking in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains and for visiting rice trees and traditional villages. Tours around Sa Pa offer an opportunity to see beautiful waterfalls; Experience delectable food, interesting customs and the lifestyle of local tribes. For unmatched views of the wilderness and mountain ranges of northwest Vietnam, one must trek into the hills of Sa Pa.