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India is constantly fighting the war against the Novel Coronavirus. Our frontline of defense including doctors, nurses, army, policemen and all the necessary service providers are vigorously fighting Corona to make our country strong and together. While everyone is making their contribution to contribute to a safer community and nation, here we have listed the places that have become free of corona by not registering new cases in recent times. This will help you decide your travel plan and travel safely. Since you are free to roam across the country, we request you to travel only for necessary purposes and with utmost safety measures. See the list of COVID free destinations in India below, including locations that have zero or minimal cases of coronavirus.

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Photo by Cris Tagupa / Unsplash


Lakshadweep is one of the only places in India where not a single confirmed case of coronavirus has been reported. It is due to the collective efforts of Lakshadweep officials and local people that it has become possible for this union territory to reduce the existence and effects of coronavirus.


Goa claimed complete recovery in the state in the month of April and zero cases of corona. Over time, few cases were found within the state but the overall landscape of Goa remains quite under control. Presently, South Goa has been confirmed to be Corona-free, leading the government to reopen Goa's tourism.

Sangti Valley , Arunachal Pradesh
Photo by Unexplored Northeast / Unsplash

Arunachal Pradesh

On 15 April, Arunachal Pradesh became another state with zero coronavirus cases with its single patient recovering. It is considered safe for people to travel to Arunachal Pradesh as there are still not many cases reported in the state.

Daman and Diu

Despite the fact that Daman shares a border with Gujarat and is close to Maharashtra, it has remained untouched by coronaviruses. The authorities of Daman and Diu have called their people 'Corona warriors' due to their collective support and adherence to rules and regulations.

Photo by Hadwt / Unsplash


Manipur is one of the northeastern states that has managed to beat the deadly spread of coronaviruses in its region. With regular efforts, Manipur has managed to keep its people safe and is still one of the safest places in India to travel.


The North East states are actually doing tremendous work to combat coronaviruses. Most of the seven states are corona free or have at least confirmed cases which makes them a safe place to travel. Although tourism in Sikkim is closed till October, you can still visit this place for essential and important reasons.


Mizoram is one of the corona free destinations in India where the number of cases is very less as compared to other states of India. If you have a travel plan for Mizoram, you can travel without worrying about the virus. Make sure that you take all necessary precautions while traveling.

Photo by Nilotpal Kalita / Unsplash


Although the cases of corona in Nagaland are steadily increasing, if you compare it to other states, it is still at a very low place. You can travel to Nagaland by following the instructions given by the state and central government.

Even when these limited spaces in India have managed to level the curve and keep the country strong and firm; We request you to travel only if it is for some important reason. When you are planning to travel, make sure that you follow the criteria of social distance, clean yourself properly, and avoid touching the eyes, mouth and nose. See amazing travel deals on EaseMyTrip and book your flight tickets at low prices.