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Andaman being an island, there is no shortage in water activities. From banana boats to kayaking, the islands have so much to offer! Not a swimmer? Don't worry you can still enjoy water sports here without a hiccup.

#1  scuba diving

Every child dreams of swimming with fishes, exploring the underwater world, and meeting mermaids. Except Mermaids, Andaman can fulfill this childhood dream! The best way to experience the underwater world in Andaman and get closer to marine life. You can do a one-time dive (DSD) or a certified diving course for an hour. For more information see:

# 2 Fishing

Fishing Will give you a perfect sea adventure and lots of great memories and pictures! At sea, waiting for your bait to lure some big fish while feeling the waves under your boat, game fishing is a sport that aims to catch some big fish and then release them back into the sea. If you want to learn something new and enjoy a day on a speed boat, give it a try!

# 3 Kayaking

There is an activity which is gradually gaining popularity in Andaman. Paddling your kayak in the middle of the mangroves, listening to the sound of water and soaking in a peaceful environment is an experience like no other. You can opt for either a day kayaking trip or one, the latter being the most popular as one can see the water sparkling with a bio-luminescent plankton. Never sat in a boat? Never mind, you will have a short training session before Havelock moves away into the backwaters. Kayaking in Havelock is a 2-hour peaceful journey between green mangoes.

# 4 SeaKart

Seakarts are unique 3 seater water craft that resemble a go-cart, made for high-speed action, and the whole and only purpose of Seakart is to give you the experience of self-driving your own go-cart on water. Sikart was recently brought to Andaman and is the first and only one of its kind in India. The activity to self-propel your Sartart is done under the supervision of a licensed instructor sitting near you. Sakarts can reach 70 kmph! At this speed, the ocean waves act like a ramp launch for the Seacart where the boat launches itself on every wave. There is no better way to be 'fast and furious' on the sea.

# 5 snorkeling

Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Andaman and experiencing the colorful wonders of the sea is pure bliss. Snorkeling is the best way to dive into the rich reefs of the islands and experience them up close. Swimming is not an issue here as professional snorkeling experts will help you for a perfect snorkel experience. For the first time snorkeling seems like peeping into the water world through a small window.

# 6 Underwater walking

Underwater is a magical experience where you can roam the seaside and enjoy the beauty of the underwater. You will be given a sea walk helmet that you can wear and enjoy the reef. A professional trainer will give you a brief training session and then you are all set to go.

# 7 Dinner Cruise

Not a water sport at all, but we thought it was worth a mention. Cruising around the harbor beautifully constructed with your family or your partner is one of the best ways to end a day here and there. TSG offers Bella Bay, the ship slowly passes through the Ports of Port Blair city and serves you with delicacies. The boat departs from Jullighat Ghat which is in the heart of the city. While on the cruise you can enjoy local Nicobari music and DJs. Cruising around the beautifully lit harbor of PortBlair and having dinner with your family or your partner is one of the best ways to end a day here.