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Surrounded by seemingly endless stretches of cobalt-blue waters, the stunning island of Mauritius lies in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean, just over 1 000 km from the coast of Africa and Madagascar. Here, travelers of all kinds can enjoy a luxurious and unforgettable holiday on an island paradise unlike any other. Travel brochures have been known to show the magnificent beaches of Mauritius, and for good reason - across the island, you can find silk-soft white beaches, which open for kilometers, filled with tropical waters Are those that blink in the blues and greens. But this dazzling island offers guests plenty of lofty tropical surrounds. Interested to know what Mauritius is known for? Here are some incredible things that will give you hope to push Mauritius to the top of your travel list:

Photo by Xavier Coiffic / Unsplash

1 Iconic Beach

Being one of the most attractive aspects of Mauritius, we had to explain in more detail about the stunning beaches of Mauritius! No matter where you live on the island, you are sure to find absolutely exceptional beaches with soft, powder-cured, golden sands, usually covered by tropical trees on one side and surprisingly coral coral reefs on the other Hosted by marine life at home. The breathtaking clear water is perfect for swimming (not to mention swimming with dolphins!), Hours spent snorkeling, kite surfing, thrilling boat trips, and more, while photo-perfect beaches include sun tanning, picnics and seaside sports. Is an ideal place for With the family - the beaches here are absolutely stellar.

2 seasons

Mauritius enjoys a temperate climate with very little difference between the seasons, making it perfect for traveling throughout the year. Weather in Mauritius is not really classified much per season, but wet and dry weather, sometimes accompanied by cyclones that do not last very long. Hotels and resorts are also well equipped to deal with cyclones, so it is nothing to worry about.

3 languages

Due to its checkered past and its multi-cultural influences, there are many languages ​​spoken in Mauritius, the main ones being French, Creole, English and even some Bhojpuri. The "official" language here is actually English, though not everyone is fluent in it. The most widely spoken language is Creole, which is similar in many ways to French, and which is spoken by some 86.5% of the population.

Gorgonian walls of the mediterranean sea
Photo by Juanma Clemente-Alloza / Unsplash

4 scuba diving

With a variety of crystalline waters and marine life, Mauritius is the perfect place to explore the awe-inspiring underwater world. Here, there are many dive sites, suitable for everyone from beginners to more advanced divers and in fact, even some excellent dive schools where you can learn to dive while vacationing in paradise - make sure A bucket list activity for.

5 land- and sea-based activities

If you are someone who loves spending time on the beach to relax and engage in adventurous activities, then Mauritius is a great destination for you! Here, there is practically any type of land- or sea-based activity you can think of. Casarella has everything from safaris to boat trips, jet skiing, glass bottom boat excursions, kayaking, SUPs, daily activity programs in hotels, world-class spas that offer treatments and more. Compared to enough activities here to keep you busy.

Cooling Down
Photo by Julia Joppien / Unsplash

6 local food

Foodie or not, you ensure an incredible time in Mauritius to sample local cuisine and cuisine. From aromatic curries, fresh seafood specialties and lofty street food to French-inspired cuisine, there is something here to calm everyone's hunger. The hotels in particular also have a number of international restaurants, which offer some sensational fine dining and international fare. One thing is for sure, you will not go hungry in Mauritius.

Dodo (Raphus cucullatus) was a flightless bird which became extinct in the late 1600s and was the first bird conclusively destroyed by humans. This illustration was done from a stuffed specimen – note the two left feet and was used by Casey Wood as the frontispiece for his An Introduction to the Literature of Vertebrate Zoology. Dodo (Raphus cucullatus)
Photo by McGill Library / Unsplash

7 dodo

Mauritius is considered (sadly) the only natural habitat of the extinct dodo bird, which was apparently first exposed to the people when the Dutch arrived around 1598, and 75 years later, they left. ! The final dodo of the dodo - which is said to have evolved from the humble pigeon - is recorded in 1662. Today, you can learn more about this fascinating creature at the National History Museum in Port Louis.

Giant nenuphar
Photo by Jeremy Wermeille / Unsplash

8 natural wonders

Mauritius is a wonderful place - created as a product of volcanic activity, this sensational island is full of exotic natural wonders; From the colorful earth of Chamrell, Crater Lake in the Grand Basin, dormant volcano in the Troux Cerfs and the iconic Le Morne Brabant (which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Mauritius is home to extraordinary national parks, gorgeous waterfalls, ample hiking trails (many of which reward hikers with spectacular views) and an extraordinary botanical park.