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I must say this place makes me want to go there again and again.
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky / Unsplash

1. Treat yourself to a spa day

Even when you are on a modest budget, it is wonderful to indulge in an extra dose of R&R. Expect to pay at least 1,000 MVR ($ 65 USD) for a 30-minute massage. Some large hotels offer discounts for early morning / late evening booking, so inquire with your hotel, AirBnB host or guesthouse to know about the deals.

2. Fishing

Seafood is an integral part of Maldives food. Most hotels and guesthouses rent poles, baits, and provide a guide for around 775 MVR ($ 50 USD). The skipjack and yellowfin tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, bigaye scad, and mackerel scad are all commonly found here. If you are an experienced angler, some of the best game fishing in the world can be done here. Expect to pay at least 3,000 MVR ($ 200 USD) for a half-day shared charter.

Photo by Sidhra Ibrahim / Unsplash

3. Snorkel in Baa Atoll

Baa Atoll is a 1,200 square kilometer UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with manta rays and wavy sharks. On a clear day, you can see them flock below the surface. It is only a five-minute boat ride from Dharwandhu Island, but touring the region is tightly regulated and has an 80-person capacity so as not to disrupt the precious ecosystem. Entry is 310 MVR ($ 20 USD), which gives you 45 minutes in the water and a certified snorkel guide. The profits go towards Ba Atoll Conservation Fund.

4. Visit the National Art Gallery

Established in 1999, there is no permanent gallery, so be sure to check the website beforehand as there will be no free space for exhibitions. Temporary exhibitions in the gallery, ranging from traditional paintings and local textiles to international modern artists, are well worth a visit.

5. Dive the Maldives' Victory

Victory In 1981, this 100 meter long cargo ship sank to a rock and sank. It is an incredible dive site for experienced divers. Resting between 15–31 meters below the surface, there are strong currents that keep the tropical fish flowing from the ship's wreckage - but they also make it a challenging dive spot. You will see all types of coral, fish and sponges here. It is accessible throughout the year.

6. Go to the male fish market

Come here and see the routines of the people of Maldives in the commercial center of Male. Select a fish (if you can open your way through a purchase as most fishermen do not speak English) and cook it in your guesthouse for dinner. Apart from the male fish market, there are various other places to visit in Maldives if you are a shopping freak which we have clearly enlisted in our article on Shopping guide to the Maldives.

but many of us humans are fools,  when you harm nature to make money is like stealing from own home without knowing and when the trouble comes realising that.
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky / Unsplash

7. Wash on a sandbank

The closest to these small mounds of sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean is the one you feel on your own private island. 775 MVR ($ 50 USD) for one person Private trips can be arranged at different locations around the islands (many of the hundred / resorts are connected). Seizures usually last 2-3 hours.

8. Skip Mafushi

Once living in a small island of gold, Mafushi is now a victim of uncontrolled development. There are hotels going left and right, frequent trips to Malé to pick up travel groups in boats, and an increasingly crowded and congested beach. Some of the island's restaurants attract mostly tourists and are cleaned for visitors outside the area, it is covered with a dustbin. Leave it!